California / Cabinet

Please be sure to contact any one of the five executives (Execs), the three prime ministers and two secretaries, if/when you'd like to nominate a name to the Cabinet!

See the results of the Execs voting under the "parliamentary go-ahead" by clicking here.

California Super-state Parliament Cabinet

Full Cabinet Ministers Elected (10/22/2012)

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) Roseanne Barr [Green Tea]
Internal Affairs of the Senate Minister Marston [Communist]
SEC Minister Jim Doyle [Republican]
IRS Minister Diane Templin [American Independent]
Farm Credit Administration Minister Zachary Scott Gordon [Free Parliamentary]
Federal Elections Commission Minister Don Lake [American Independent]
BATF Minister Ralph Beach [Libertarian]
Defense Minister Keyantwon Stephens [Citizens]
Export-Import Bank Minister Mark of Halloween [Roseannearchist]
Evict Corporate Influence Minister PJ [Roseannearchist]
FEMA Minister Jan Tucker [Peace and Freedom]
Homeland Security Minister Mike Bogatirev [Environmentalist]
Independent Expenditure Minister Tina Drugg [Goddess]
Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board Minister Lady Jane Green [Roseannearchist]
Economics Minister SmartCorp Wealth Consultants, LLC [Republican]
Secretary of State C. Michael Ward [Green Roseannearchist]
Transportation Minister G3org3 Costa [Info. Not Avail.]
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) Minister Mahgum Eric Thorson [We Like Women]
Human Rights Minister Cindy Sheehan [Peace & Freedom]
Constitutional Law Ministry Richard "Bill" E. Bailey [Democratic]
Foreign Minister Dr. Richard Gorrara [Democrat]
Federal Communications Commissioner Minister Hal Ginsberg [Green]
Energy Minister Byron Hothkiss [Independent]
Independent Expenditure Minister Marian Smithson [Libertarian]
Treasury Minister Cody Nott [Info. Not Avail.]
Veterans Affairs Minister Michael Williams [Info. Not Avail.]
Vote Counting Minister Laura Wells [Green]
Attorney General Minister Victoria Peterson [Independent]
Interior Minister Paul Holman [Independent Democrat]
Platform Minister Craig Peterson [Green]
Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Minister Frank Garcia [Info. Not Avail.]
Health and Human Services Minister Forrest Hill [Green]
Supreme Electoral Council Minister Ralph Hoffman [Bi-Polar Advantage]
Office of the National Counterintelligence Executive Minister Don Grundmann [Constitution]
Internal Affairs of the Senate Minister James Anthony [LEAP]
CIA Minister David Frey [Independent]
BATF Minister Kenneth Weismann [Libertarian]
Environmental Minister Mike Stanley [Democratic]
Education Minister Mehul M. Thakker [Green]
AMTRAK (National Railroad Passenger Corporation) Minister Michael Metti [Libertarian]
Research and Science Minister Alvin Hanson [Independent]
Native American Affairs Minister Loris Scagliarini [Independent]

Deputy Ministers

Deputy Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) Minister Robert S. [Pot]
Deputy Internal Affairs of the Senate Minister Bouhlod Khembisai [Pot]
Deputy SEC Minister Mable Kovach [Democratic]
Deputy IRS Minister Jorge Sanchez [Progressive Democrat/Green]
Deputy Farm Credit Administration Minister Rhys Scarlett [United Socialism]
Deputy Federal Elections Commission Minister Bill Palmer [Info. Not Avail.]
Deputy BATF Minister Kurt Brown [Pot]
Deputy Defense Minister Eric Stevenson [Pizza]
Deputy Export-Import Bank Minister Kirk Joseph [Independent]
Deputy Evict Corporate Influence Minister Matt Lemmons [United Socialism]
Deputy FEMA Minister Michael A. Cluley [America First]
Deputy Homeland Security Minister Markham Burton [Democratic]
Deputy Independent Expenditure Minister Joseph Rogers [Green]
Deputy Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board Minister Thomas Leavitt [Green]
Deputy Economics Minister James Anthony [LEAP]
Deputy Secretary of State C.L. Gannon [Liberty First]
Deputy Transportation Minister Dee Benedict [Green Tea]
Deputy Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) Minister Kevin Clark [Green Libertarian]
Deputy Human Rights Minister Miss Joy Waymire [Decline to State]
Deputy Constitutional Law Minister Anonymous [Info. Not Avail.]
Deputy Foreign Minister Robert S. [Pot]
Deputy Federal Communications Commissioner Minister Alex Plewniak [Libertarian]
Deputy Energy Minister Warren Campbell [American Independent]
Deputy Independent Expenditure Minister Donna Tello [Libertarian]