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The 6th California Super-state Parliament Circuit #11

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Miss Joy Waymire [Decline to State] nominated on 3/13/2014
Alan Reynolds [Independent] nominated on 3/15/2014
Dawn Pierce [Pink] nominated on 3/22/2014
Herb [Aqua Tangerine] nominated on 3/22/2014
Dulce Neri [Pink] nominated on 3/22/2014
Richard Rodrigues [Aqua Tangerine] nominated on 3/22/2014
Rocio Esparza [Pink] nominated on 3/22/2014
Gail McLaughlin [Green] nominated on 3/28/2014
Ellenore Nelson [Green] nominated on 3/28/2014
Laura Wells [Green] nominated on 3/28/2014
Richard William Aguirre [Republican] nominated on 3/31/2014
Jonathan Jaech [Libertarian] nominated on 3/31/2014
Glenn Champ [Republican] nominated on 3/31/2014
Joe Leicht [Independent] nominated on 3/31/2014
Jeffrey H. Drobman [Democratic] nominated on 3/31/2014

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California Map
Monterey County micro-state LA County mini-stateOne Hundred Elected Members of Super-state Parliament (MSPs)

8/6/2010 to 8/5/2014

Prime Minister Miss Joy Waymire [Decline to State]
Secretary Jim Doyle [Republican]
Prime Minister PRAVDA McCrosky [Democratic]
Secretary James Ogle [Free Parliamentary]
Prime Minister Virgil Hales [Green-Pot-Christ]

President James Ogle [Free Parliamentary]
Vice President Starchild [Libertarian]


MSPs' Votes for Executives and Rules

Executives' Votes for Cabinet

Rules of ss11

Libertarian Party – 34 MSPs
Starchild, Gail Lightfoot, Pamela J. Brown, Cory Nott, Lawrence Samuels [Purple Libertarian], Kristi Stone, Marian Smithson, Sandi Web, Dale Ogden, Donna Tello, Richard Winger, Ned Roscoe, Vince Carlton [Libertarian at Large], Steve Kubby, Mark Hinkle, Alex Plewniak, Dwight Bailey, Tony Monroe, Dave LeBlanc, Richard Rider, Richard S. Bronstein, Michael Metti, Byron Stephens, Richard Newell, Andrew "Andy" Favor, Timothy J. Hannon, Angela Keaton, Kevin Takenaga, Joe Cobb, Joe Dehn, Larry Clark, Doug Scribner, Scott Wilson and Lee Skaggs

Pot Party – 20 MSPs
Bouhlod Khembisai, Mark Rodrigues, Ezekial Mitchel, Robert S., Jim Cruise, James May, Adam Meed, Phil Zek, Chuck John, Adam Morgan, Josh Nickson, Junior Stevenson [Pothead], Evan Santos, Rory Hicks [Liberal-Pot], Kyle Kirby, Jason Maya, Brad Orand, Jesse Waterman, Brent Nevile and Alex Haser [Pothead]

Parties With One Seat – 10 MSPs
Vanessa Davis [Defender of the Republic], Cherish Prieditis [Anarchist], John Bergamini [Food Not Bombs], Allen McKinney [Open], Sterling [Hemp], Joel Castle [Intelligence], Eddy Lepp [Nonpartisan], Marci Pinkard [Decline to State], Jim Doyle [Republican], Don Lake [American Independent]

Peace and Freedom Party – 11 MSPs
Debra L. Reiger, Jan Tucker, Stewart Alexander, Karen Martinez, Dina Josephine Padilla, CT Weber, Marylou Cabral, Janice Jordan, Carlos Alverez, Mohammed Arif and Robert J. Evans

Independents – 4 MSPs
Lucia Goin, Jerry Leon Carroll, Amory and Neil Brian Goldberg

Information Not Available – 4 MSPs
Bob Watkins, Ani Defranco, Carlos Santana and Mark Williams

Marijuana Party - 4 MSPs
David Payne, James Barbee [Free Marijuana], Thressia Keys and Edward Zuniga

Free Parliamentary – 4 MSPs
Laura Booth, Daniel Penisten [Free Parliament], Adrian Hickman and James Ogle

Green Party – 3 MSPs
Virgil Hales [Green-Pot-Christ], Kevin Clark [Green Libertarian] and Ross Frankel

Free and Equal Party – 2 MSPs
Wayne Christopher and Babette Hogan

Environmentalist Party – 2 MSPs
Christina Adams and Mike Bogatirev
* * *

Total – 98 MSPs
First vote count 8/6/2010
Second vote count 10/2/2010
Third vote count 10/31/2010
Fourth vote count 12/11/2010
Fifth vote count 1/4/2011
Sixth vote count 5/10/2011