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South East Super-state Parliament Circuit #5

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Florida, Georgia, plus the territories of Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands

Parties With One Seat

Josh Ondich [Conservative Populist], Eric Stevenson [Pizza], Jack Clayton [What's A Matter U?], John Buchanan [Citizen Candidate], C.J. Smith [Pot], Russ Laundry [No Illegal Alien], Jason Rogoski [Whig], Robert Richie [Constitution], KeyantwonS [Citizens], Patrick Swarts [Roseannearchist], Linda Losi [Social Capitalist], Carl T. Wilkinson [Mutualism and Cooperation]


Rob Elliott [Independent], Michael Fox [Independent], Milton Kowinowski [Independent], Jeff Block [Independent], Debra Paaatriot101 Paulsen [Independent]

Green Party

Tim Mason [Green], Anita Stewart [Green], Angelus Grim [Green], Shawn Doran [Green]

Info. Not Avail.

Andrew Young [Info. Not Avail.], Hovhannes [Info. Not Avail.], Theresa Vaughn [Info. Not Avail.], Rachel McMann [Info. Not Avail.]

Republican Party

S.M.Basford [Republican], Mike Levinson [Republican / Independent], Bubba the Love Sponge [Republican]

Democratic Socialist Party

Brian Moore [Democratic Socialist], Jong-pil Park [Democratic]

Libertarian Party

Doug Craig [Libertarian], Jam3/ H. Ogle 3rd [Libertarian]

Boston Tea Party

LT [BTP], Joseph Wendt [Boston Tea]

Undated on 7/20/2014
Total 35 Members of Super-state Parliament (MSPs)