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"Unity Coalition" Platform Eballots Phase Two

Eballot for "Unity Platform" Phase Two

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Simultaneously Elects "Unity Platform", All Items Receiving Votes from
Simple Majority of Elected Members in "Coalition of Seven"
Voting Schedule is August 10th to November 4th 2014

Please copy the eballot below, paste the eballot on an email message addressed
to vvc at allpartysystem dot org, mark your choices in blank "___" space,
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Do not use X marks. Mark your choice(s) with numbers only.
Put the figure 1 beside your first choice, the figure 2
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and so on. Consecutive numbers beginning with the #1 only.
You may rank as many choices as you please.
Do not put the same figure beside more than one choice/name.

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___ _____________________________________________ (write in new item)
___ _____________________________________________ (write in new item)
___ _____________________________________________ (write in new item)
___ End all corruption in the State of California.
___ Advocate for legislation that will improve tax revenue by decreasing both individual and corporate tax rates.
___ Online Voting via any Internet device -- to increase voter participation
___ Comprehensive tax reform upon further analysis with the goal of lessening the tax burden on middle and lower earners, removing loopholes for corporations in order to spread the tax burden, and potentially lessen the overall taxes on both corporations and individuals.
___ Added specific ending of corrupting influence of money in politics, including but not limited to repealing Citizens United, lower campaign donation limits, clean money disclosures and up to some form of publicly funded campaigns (if deemed necessary)
___ Immediate labeling of all foods containing GMO products and require that seeds be made available for testing as a condition of their release to the market.
___ Re-institute the Glass-Steagall firewall to separate banks, brokerages, and insurance.
___ Improved utilization of internet and technology for interactive citizen-government relationship at all levels of government and community
___ Re-regulate derivatives markets to ban the most dangerous speculative instruments prevent oil, gasoline and food price spikes.
___ A 1% Wall Street Sales Tax, like the one recently passed in Europe. This will prevent another financial crisis and put tens to hundreds of billions back into the US Treasury.
___ End all bailouts of banks and financial institutions.
___ Support net neutrality as the principle that all data on the Internet should be treated equally. It ensures that ISPs do not discriminate or charge differentially by user, content, site, platform, application, type of attached equipment, or modes of communication.
___ Claw back the TARP and other public money given or lent to financiers.
___ Set a 10% maximum rate of interest on credit cards and payday loans: restore state and federal anti-usury laws. Ban adjustable-rate mortgages.
___ Restore individual chapter 11.
___ Abolish the notion of too big to fail; Bank of America, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Citibank, Wells Fargo and others are insolvent and must be seized by the FDIC for chapter 7 liquidation, with derivatives eliminated by triage.
___ Unity between statutorily non-compliant growers, seriously ill Rhode Island patients, and the police and community.
___ Eliminate the cap on income subject to Social Security taxation
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Self Appointment Form (Optional):
___ Yes, please appoint my name as a member of
parliament, the highest position available.

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