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Tech Team
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Ballot cast for names on Tech Team

James Ogle's eballot cast on 4/26/2015

1 James Ogle [Republican]
2 Jenni Woodward [Gandhian Green]
3 Ian Luckett [Respublica of Earth]
4 Marhouf Jay Tabilla Kusain [Educationalist]
5 Germaine Stweart [Liberal]
6 Jeffrey Drobman [Democratic]
7 Stave Adamczyk [Green]
8 Kristy Knight [Consciousness]
9 Anne Armstrong [Compassion]
10 Benjamin Meiklejohn [Green Independent]
11 Alan Reynolds [Whig]
12 Norm Mickey [Peace & Freedom]
13 Joe Phillips [Socialist]
14 Grand Dr. (Prof.) Niranjan C. Bhat [Info. Not Avail.]
15 Richard McCurdy [American Citizen]
16 Charlie Grapski [Unaffiliated]
17 Daniel Madison [Rationalist]
18 Chris Essert [Info. Not Avail.]
19 Dr. Haissam Bou-Said [Parliamentary]
20 Andy Caffrey [Democractic]
21 Vanessa Davis [Defender of the Republic]
22 Kate Abbe [Info. Not Avail.]

Ballots cast for rules of Tech Team

Scot Olewine's vote:
1st Completed
2nd Completed
3rd, have a button of the helicopter photo, under it a BUTTON saying information about JOINING the U.S. Parliament and then a CLICK HERE button
4th, design a SIGN UP FORM, a CLICK HERE TO JOIN and that takes you to a FORM where it collects info like, name, party choice (a quick list there of all the parties – pick one), US or INTERNATIONAL affiliation, a VOTE NOW page listing the candidates running & instructions how to vote, ask if they prefer business or political affiliation or both, ask if they can offer any help & what skills they have,, TELL them they may invite friends to JOIN, ASK them if they’d like to become a donator, ASK them if they’d like to BUY some COFFEE for themselves or as a gift & where we should send it, Ask them if they’d like to purchase some STOCK right now on the NYSE, and any additional questions that will benefit our Team.
5th – ASK them to VOTE for Scot Olewine as President of the USA & give them my link once I form a website (smile). – but seriously, send them to each Presidential candidate website via a section just for us. Let them become involved with us running and join our Administration TOO
6th – a place to upload their PHOTO and title or website & email, so it’s a handy way we all can contact any member & see who we’re speaking to. I guess this would be another FORM, that collects this minimal info, then adds it to a master database called MEMBERS, I’m thinking perhaps a 2? by 2? space for each member for their photo, website, & email address perhaps phone number too. Minimal info in a tight space. have this cascaded window fill the screen with every member in thumbnail 2 by 2, you click on that & it enlarges into a full screen for easy reading their number or email address – perhaps a 15 word summary what they’d like to see done different in the World or for USA, depending o n their choice of affiliation. (what they'd change)
7th - SHOW THEM the available positions we have open, so they can be voted in to, & lead them to the vote form, to vote themselves in & start the process for them. It'd be nice to automate it all so James won't have to manually edit each form submitted & then ADD that to a central database. Hey Programmers. Think of a way to automate this process.
* * *

James Ogle's eballot cast on 7/14/2014
1 Only the top three names are given the
user name and password to the site and the additional
names serve as back-ups.
* * *

Jenni Woodward's eballot cast on 12/31/2014
1 Upgrade the code for the Joomla Voting System so it installs on Joomla 3 sites.
2 Revise the mulitple choice voting in the jVS to be Sainte-Lague, i.e. one of several IRV / RCV counting choices (that's called a design and object oriented programming issue to make code more flexible and longer lasting to more users).
3 Resume translating the GPCA Vote System code to PHP and test-use, then improve what it does including MAYBE adding the Saint-Lague option, which I would hope to understand much better by then.
4 Get my home-office server desktop to have a WORKING WAMP stack, they call it. Windows, Apache web werver (working), I forgot what W stands for maybe the CMS.
5 @#%&$ PHP server code that is needed to execute PHP code on Wordpress and Joomla and Druupal and so many other CMS sites that are codes with PHP!!!
* * *