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2nd Texas Super-state (ss9)

8/6/2018 to 8/5/2022
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President: Wanda Hermanden [Free Spirit]
Vice President: Frank Camdenosa [Free Parliament]
* * *

Chair: Rhett Smith [Libertarian]
Vice Chair: Hunter Crow [Green]
Deputy Vice Chair: Edward Gassoub [Environmentalist Green]
Secretary: Darcy Richardson [Peace & Freedom]
Vice Secretary: David Jouse [Peace & Freedom]
* * *

Directors' Votes for Executives
Executives' Votes for Cabinet
Guidelines of ss9
• Unity Platform (e-aps-6-totals)

2nd Texas Super-state (ss9) Senator Nominations
National Super-state Senate Chamber
Nomination Deadline 2022-4-1

Super-state Senator Demondria Jefferson [Libertarian] (2020 US Presidential candidate) (US Presidential candidate in 2020, vying for US Congress CD40 in 2022) USA-ss9

Super-state Senator Whitney Bilyeu [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9

Super-state Senator Demetra Jefferson Wysinger [Wxyz New Day] 1Libertarian (2020 US Presidential candidate) askwy2020@gmail.com USA-ss9
* * *

2nd Texas Super-state (ss9) Elector Nominations
Super-state Elector Nomination Deadline 2022-4-1

2945 Super-state Senator Demondria Jefferson [Libertarian] (2020 US Presidential candidate) (US Presidential candidate in 2020, vying for US Congress CD40 in 2022) USA-ss9
2946 Super-state Senator Whitney Bilyeu [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
2947 Super-state Senator Demetra Jefferson Wysinger [Wxyz New Day] 1Libertarian (2020 US Presidential candidate) askwy2020@gmail.com USA-ss9
2948 Cedric Jefferson [Wxyz New Day] 1Libertarian (2020 US Presidential candidate) askwy2020@gmail.com USA-ss9
2949 Mary Cook [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
2950 Hunter Crow [Green] (TX)
2951 Dakinya Jefferson [Libertarian] (2020 US Presidential candidate), TX
2952 Rachel Schelter [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
2953 Alan Alan Apurim [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
2954 Blake Ingram [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
2955 John David Prout [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
2956 Donald Alfred Cook [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
2957 Hal Ridley Jr. [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
2958 Debra Miller [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
2959 Ron Paul [Libertarian], TX
2960 Nancy Neale [Libertarian] (TX)
2961 Ricky Harrington [Libertarian] www.rickyharrington.com (Candidate for Governor of Arkansas in 2022-11-8) USA-ss10-6
2962 Elisheba Zodok-El [Noocratic] noocraticparty@protonmail.com, TX
2963 Dr. Lawiy Zodok Shalamalak Zodok Khaba-El [Noocratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
2964 Lisa Richardson [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
2965 Super-state Elector Kim Thomas [My Vote is for Joshua Paul in TX Thanks!] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
2966 Super-state Elector Charles Bruce Stewart [Libertarian & Common Law] (TX) (325) 603-0334
2967 Super-state Elector Sara Miller [Libertarian] (TX)
2968 James Tyler Lindsey [Libertarian] (TX)
2969 Mary Haskett [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
2970 Gary Johnson [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
2971 Philip Gray [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
2972 Lynn Rosas [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
2973 Mark Miller [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
2974 Josh McMahan [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
2975 Kurt Hildebrand [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
2976 Steven Haskett [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
2977 Laura Valle [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
2978 Edward Kless [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
2979 Kathie Glass [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
2980 Tom Laurent [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
2981 Rebecca Paddock [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
2982 William Collins [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
2983 Kevin Ludlow [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
2984 John Shuey [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
2985 Mary Laurent [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
2986 John Spivey [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
2987 Curry Taylor [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
2988 Kerry McKennon [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
2989 Benjamin Farmer [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
2990 Timothy Martinez [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
2991 James Crossman [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
2992 Whitney Jones [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
2993 Ed Rankin [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
2994 John Miller [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
2995 Bonar Troy [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
2996 Edwin Zimmerman [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
2997 Elizabeth LeBlan [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
2998 Debra Scharf [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
2999 Arlene Lewis [Democrat] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3000 Charlotte Cocker [Democrat] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3001 Jane Gambill [Democrat] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3002 John Wilford [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3003 Alma Juarez [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3004 Francis Compy [Democrat] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3005 Karia Jumar [Democrat] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3006 Tori Xander 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3007 Gale Wievert [Democrat] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3008 Harry Swan [Democrat] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3009 Rachel Zollers [Democrat] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3010 Edger Thompson [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3011 Lauren Aldert [Democrat] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3012 Ed Cunningham [Democrat] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3013 Rachel Barkindosa [Democrat] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3014 Erik Konan [Democrat] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3015 Jessica Brabender [Democrat] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3016 Robert Einert [Democrat] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3017 Rachel Smith [Democrat] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3018 Marco Polo aka Jimmy Kens [Democrat] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3019 Mary Burgess [Democrat] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3020 Kevin Drafre [Democrat] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3021 Beatrice Shine [Democrat] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3022 Ben Zimmern [Democrat] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3023 Cheryl Meader [Democrat] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3024 Montel Sharba [Democrat] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3025 Jennifer Gale [Democrat] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3026 John Shine [Democrat] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3027 Marta Cox [Democrat] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3028 Gary Sedorholm [Democrat] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3029 Shelly Jones [Democrat] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3030 Katie Hunesta [Communist] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3031 Mykai Landis [Communist] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3032 Debbie Porter [Commie] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3033 Raymond Yeager [Communist] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3034 Lisa Porepii [Communist] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3035 Dan Qualch [Communist] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3036 Rhonda Wendel [Communist] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3037 Horton Fortencia [Communism] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3038 Nina Lindsay [Communist] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3039 Edwardo Garcia [Communist] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3040 Christina Pallazolo [Communist] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3041 Pedro Chinnez [Communism] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3042 Oleda Jimenez [Communist] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3043 Yetti Man [Communist] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3044 Herman Oiut [Communist] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3045 Mariela Montakos [Communist] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3046 Adam Inhoff [Communist] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3047 Chris Garben [Communist] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3048 JT Murray [Communist] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3049 Mat Reland [Communist] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3050 Jesus Alba [Communist] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3051 Andy Martinez [Communist] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3052 Jesus Primitivo [Mexican Communist] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3053 Sandra Contri [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3054 Amenz Portaniw [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3055 Deanne Vorow [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3056 John Ivins [Info. .Not Avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3057 Lisa Murkowski [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3058 John Parramore [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3059 Gordon Hermosa [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3060 Kumar [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3061 Don Pitts [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3062 Wendell Orgam [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3063 Norm Einer [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3064 Ticko Sommguez [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3065 Lawrence Gomen [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3066 Jim Shew [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3067 Jett Jackson [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3068 John Comana [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3069 Firenz Lorganzi [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3070 Sonar Gupta [Indian Democracy] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3071 Gina Mann [Tranny] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3072 Marcia Bradley [Undecided] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3073 Frjeda Sokol [Jewish Conservative] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3074 Chuck R. Lauser [Liberal Democrat] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3075 Displaced Jersey Boy [Longhorns Rule] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3076 Goncho Alvarez [Marijuana] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3077 Consuela Mendola [My Own] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3078 Nominating Rick Perry [No More Obama] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3079 Michael Kostopoulas [Photogenic] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3080 Tom Bartlett [Rich] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3081 Chaz Bear Jackson [The Party] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3082 Richard Hines [Undefined] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3083 Andy Gonzalez [Independent] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3084 Lyndall Kristie [Bush Regime] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3085 Martese Conchun [Border Warrior] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3086 Ryan Hess [Hydralisk] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3087 Jennifer Evans [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3088 Patricia Cornwall [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3089 Beaulah Mae Jackson [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3090 Sonja Franzea [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3091 Tina Rodney [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3092 Roberta Marrone [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3093 Larry Perrault [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3094 Michael Dell [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3095 Lou Zir [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3096 Toni Allen [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3097 Don Blackstone [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3098 Christie Shanafelt [Green Tea] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3099 Elizabeth McLane [Green Tea] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3100 Lindsey Tenlap [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3101 Morgan Juma [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3102 Paul Brown [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3103 Boone Timutua [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3104 Laurie Dean-Arms [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3105 Georgeena Abad [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3106 David Collins [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3107 William Sparkman [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3108 Chuck Seevers [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3109 Alex Jones [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3110 Fred Norris [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3111 Wanda Hermanden [Free Spirit] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3112 Frank Camdenosa [Free Parliament] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3113 Connie Mendosa [Free] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3114 Hermosi Kandanzai [Free Radical] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3115 Jonathan Britton [Free Energy] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3116 Lisa Davis [Pot] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3117 J.R.Bass [Pot] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3118 Bo Kakke [Pot] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3119 Jorge Seester [Pot] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3120 Nick Dartern [Frat] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3121 Topher Conway [Frat] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3122 Dr. Lawiy Zodok Shamuel [Noocratic] (Negus Shemsizedek) lawiyzodok@live.com 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3123 Jermaine Nommik [Vote for Josh] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3124 Carla Vox [Roseannearchist] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3125 Ethan Moore [Roseanne] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3126 Victor Huego [Mexico Free] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3127 Amendalia Horveo [Mexico] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3128 Joshua Steinman [Socialist] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3129 Michael Hornzela [Socialist] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3130 Sandra Dundsmoore [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3131 Yolanda Amandoza [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-4
3132 Michael Dooling [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3133 Jon Hom [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3134 Audrey Milton [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3135 Aaron Close [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3136 Shawn Huckabay [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3137 Joseph Duncan [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3138 William George Kelsey [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3139 Gary Doan [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3140 Lauren Daugherty [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3141 Elizabeth D. Miller [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3142 Eric Guerra [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3143 Justin Richardson [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3144 Bobie Wayne Townsend II [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3145 Shannon D. Thomason [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3146 Ginny Moore [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3147 Patrick Mitchell [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3148 Constantin Dragomirov [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3149 James Gholston [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3150 R. Edwin Adams [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3151 Darren Pollok [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3152 Kate Prather [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3153 Carolyn Sansing [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3154 Andrew Amelang [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3155 Cynthia Welch [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3156 Carol Ann Marie Unsicker [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3157 Nolan Schmidt [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3158 Jax Finkel [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3159 Mark Ash [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3160 Matt Finkel [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3161 Nathan Moxley [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3162 Arthur Thomas IV [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3163 Doug Crall [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3164 Madlen J. Krause [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3165 David Marino [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3166 Geoffrey Neale [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3167 Jeinay LeBlanc [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3168 Nathan Kinman [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3169 Patrick Dixon [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-9
3170 Guilford Robinson [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3171 Thomas Glass [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3172 Aaron Bonn [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3173 Marcia Daughey [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3174 Kathleen Nenninger [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3175 Gene Seaman [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3176 Steven Howell [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3177 Sean O'Brien [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3178 Ruby Manen [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3179 Jim Pikl [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3180 Thomas Edward Reynolds [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3181 Randy Orr [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3182 Donnie Wisenbaker [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3183 James Gaines [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3184 Harry Zenner [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3185 Jimmy Weaver [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3186 Tamon Hamlett [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3187 Paul Matthews [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3188 Michael Sabat [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3189 David Bruegel [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3190 Matt Patrick [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3191 Nancy Scott [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3192 Ken Mercer [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3193 Carol Daley [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3194 Bill O'Sullivan [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3195 Richard Tex Hall [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3196 Charles Hasse [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3197 Dawn Elliott [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3198 Mike Gibson [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3199 Naomi Narvaiz [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3200 Mark Ramsey [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3201 Maj. Marco A. Rodriguez [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3202 Debra Risinger [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3203 Matthew Stringer [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3204 Dave Gebhart [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3205 Karen Newton [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3206 Rena Peden [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3207 Mary Jane Avery [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3208 Briscoe Cain [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3209 Tom Roller [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3210 Peyton Inge [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3211 Mike R. Nichols [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3212 Fawaz S. Anwar [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3213 Ernest L. Brister [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3214 Jo Sutton [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3215 Michael Jackson [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3216 Cecily E. Cox [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3217 Kimberly Washington [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3218 Doris Fears [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3219 Frances Rizo [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3220 Nick Lampson [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3221 Tzatzil LeMair [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3222 Raul Garcia [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3223 Larry Yawn [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3224 Leslie Pool [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3225 Diana Robinson [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3226 Mary Kay Green [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3227 Adoneca Fortier [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3228 Sandra Thomson [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3229 Angela Williams [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3230 Tabatha A. Tower [Republican] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-2
3231 Bob Mackey [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-8
3232 Rhett Smith [Libertarian] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-10
3233 Thom Prentice [Socialist] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-10
3234 Daniel Monahan [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-10
3235 Ben Saenz [Indigenous People] 1Libertarian USA-ss9-10
3236 Kent Mesplay [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3237 Prince E. Winbush III [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3238 Gloria Ramirez Uribe [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3239 John M. Stafford [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3240 Terri Hodge [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3241 Mike R. Lopez [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3242 Lisa McLeod [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3243 Arthur Pronin [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3244 Drew Landry [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3245 Martha Williams [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3246 Nishan Khan [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3247 Elisa Tamayo [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3248 Libby Willis [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3249 Richard Gonzalez [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3250 Kay Parr [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3251 Aftab Siddiqui [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3252 Rosalie Weisfeld [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3253 David Rosen [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3254 Kristi Baird [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3255 Brandon Turner [Democratic] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3256 Nancy Gaige [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3257 Kayleen Williams [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3258 Carroll Bowers [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3259 Wesson Gaige [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3260 Don Palmer [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3261 Cory Bowers [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3262 Matthew J. Bauman [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3263 Laura Palmer [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3264 Brody Mulligan [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3265 Nancy Saibara-Naritomi [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3266 Antonio Diaz [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3267 Kellis Ruiz [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3268 Alfred Molison III [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3269 Paul lngmundson [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3270 Christa Schelter [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3271 Gwendolyn Molison [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3272 Kevin McCormick [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3273 Diane Wood [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3274 Deb Shafto [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3275 Ellen Berky [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3276 Travis Christal [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3277 Joel West [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3278 Julian Villarreal [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3279 Katija Gruene [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3280 Bernadine Williams [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3281 Antonio Padron [Green] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3282 Lucas Thoms [Communist] 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3909 Jeff Barlett [Libertarian] TX 1Libertarian USA-ss9
3910 Desarae Lindsey [Libertarian] USA-ss9 p-7 1Libertarian USA-ss9
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Updated on 2022-4-20
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2nd Texas Super-state
2018-8-5 to 2022-8-5


Democratic Party - 33

Debra Scharf [Democratic], Arlene Lewis [Democrat], Charlotte Cocker [Democrat], Jane Gambill [Democrat], Alma Juarez [Democratic], Sandra Dundsmoore [Democratic], Yolanda Amandoza [Democratic], Francis Compy [Democrat], Karia Jumar [Democrat], Tori Xander [Democrat], Gale Wievert [Democrat], Harry Swan [Democrat], Rachel Zollers [Democrat], Edger Thompson [Democratic], Lauren Aldert [Democrat], Ed Cunningham [Dem.], Rachel Barkindosa [Democrat], Erik Konan [Democrat], Jessica Brabender [Democrat], Robert Einert [Democrat], Rachel Smith [Democrat], Marco Polo aka Jimmy Kens [Democrat], Mary Burgess [Democrat], Kevin Drafre [Democrat], Beatrice Shine [Democrat], Ben Zimmern [Democrat], Cheryl Meader [Democrat], Montel Sharba [Democrat], Jennifer Gale [Democrat], John Shine [Democrat], Marta Cox [Democrat], Gary Sedorholm [Democrat], Shelly Jones [Democrat],

Communist Party - 23

Katie Hunesta [Communist], Mykai Landis [Communist], Debbie Porter [Commie], Raymond Yeager [Communist], Lisa Porepii [Communist], Dan Qualch [Communist], Rhonda Wendel [Communist], Horton Fortencia [Communism], Nina Lindsay [Communist], Edwardo Garcia [Communist], Christina Pallazolo [Communist], Pedro Chinnez [Communism], Oleda Jimenez [Communist], Yetti Man [Communist], Herman Oiut [Communist], Mariela Montakos [Communist], Adam Inhoff [Communist], Chris Garben [Communist], JT Murray [Communist], Mat Reland [Communist], Jesus Alba [Communist], Andy Martinez [Communist], Jesus Primitivo [Mexican Communist],

Info. Not Avail. Party - 18

Sandra Contri [Info. Not Avail.], Amenz Portaniw [Info. Not Avail.], Deanne Vorow [Info. Not Avail.], John Ivins [Info. .Not Avail.], Lisa Murkowski [Info. Not Avail.], John Parramore [Info. Not Avail.], Gordon Hermosa [Info. Not Avail.], Poncho" Jorge Santos [Info. Not Avail.], Kumar [Info. Not Avail.], Don Pitts [Info. Not Avail.], Wendell Orgam [Info. Not Avail.], Norm Einer [Info. Not Avail.], Ticko Sommguez [Info. Not Avail.], Lawrence Gomen [Info. Not Avail.], Jim Shew [Info. Not Avail.], Jett Jackson [Info. Not Avail.], John Comana [Info. Not Avail.], Firenz Lorganzi [Info. Not Avail.],

Parties With One Seat - 18

Sonar Gupta [Indian Democracy], Gina Mann [Tranny], Marcia Bradley [Undecided], Frjeda Sokol [Jewish Conservative], Chuck R. Lauser [Liberal Democrat], Displaced Jersey Boy [Longhorns Rule], Goncho Alvarez [Marijuana], Consuela Mendola [My Own], Nominating Rick Perry [No More Obama], Michael Kostopoulas [Photogenic], Tom Bartlett [Rich], Chaz Bear Jackson [The Party], Richard Hines [Undefined], Andy Gonzalez [Independent], James Ogle [One], Lyndall Kristie [Bush Regime], Martese Conchun [Border Warrior], Ryan Hess [Hydralisk],

Republican Party - 11

Jennifer Evans [Republican], Patricia Cornwall [Republican], Beaulah Mae Jackson [Republican], Sonja Franzea [Republican], Tina Rodney [Republican], Roberta Marrone [Republican], Larry Perrault [Republican], Michael Dell [Republican], Lou Zir [Republican], Toni Allen [Republican], Don Blackstone [Republican],

Green Tea Party - 8

Christie Shanafelt [Green Tea], Elizabeth McLane [Green Tea], Lindsey Tenlap [Green], Morgan Juma [Green], Paul Brown [Green], Boone Timutua [Green], Laurie Dean-Arms [Green], Georgeena Abad [Green],

Libertarian Party - 5

Rhett Smith [Libertarian], William Sparkman [Libertarian], Chuck Seevers [Libertarian], Alex Jones [Libertarian], Fred Norris [Libertarian],

Free Spirit Party - 5

Wanda Hermanden [Free Spirit], Frank Camdenosa [Free Parliament], Connie Mendosa [Free], Hermosi Kandanzai [Free Radical], Jonathan Britton [Free Energy],

Pot Party - 4

Lisa Davis [Pot], J.R.Bass [Pot], Bo Kakke [Pot], Jorge Seester [Pot],

Frat Party - 2

Nick Dartern [Frat], Topher Conway [Frat],

My Vote is for Joshua Paul in TX Thanks! Party - 2

Kim Thomas [My Vote is for Joshua Paul in TX Thanks!], Jermaine Nommik [Vote for Josh],

Roseannearchist Party - 2

Carla Vox [Roseannearchist], Ethan Moore [Roseanne],

Mexico Free Party - 2

Victor Huego [Mexico Free], Amendalia Horveo [Mexico],

Socialist Party - 2

Joshua Steinman [Socialist], Michael Hornzela [Socialist],

Noocratic Party - 2

Dr. Lawiy Zodok Shalamalak Zodok Khaba-El [Noocratic], Lawiy Zodok Shamuel [Noocratic]
* * *

Total 137 Elected Directors
First Vote Count on 2018-8-6
Updated on 2021-9-27
* * *

Dallas County Mini-state (ss9-4)

Blank Paper Ballot e-aps-39
Blank PDF of Paper Ballot e-aps-39
Marked Paper Ballots e-aps-39-marked
Totals e-aps-totals

* * *

Texas Super-state (ss9)

North Panhandle Mini-state (ss9-1) January
Parker-Bell Central Mini-state (ss9-2) February
Fort Worth County Mini-state (ss9-3) March
Dallas County Mini-state (ss9-4) April
NorthEast Texas Mini-state (ss9-5) May
East Texas Mini-state (ss9-6) June
Harris County Mini-state (ss9-7) July
Austin Region Mini-state (ss9-8) August
South-Texas Mini-state (ss9-9) September
Bexar Texas Mini-state (ss9-10) October
Central Texas Mini-state (ss9-11) November
West Texas Mini-state (ss9-12) December
* * *

History of 1st and 2nd Texas Super-states

2nd Texas Super-state 2018
Marked Ballots (ss9)

1st Texas Super-state 2014
Marked Ballots (ss9)
Marked Ballot Totals (ss9)
* * *

Navigation for Voting (pprelectoralcollege.com)

Guidelines (e-aps-1)

Blank Paper Ballot e-aps-1
Blank PDF Paper Ballot e-aps-1.pdf
Marked Paper Ballots e-aps-1-marked
Totals e-aps-1-totals

Unity Platform (e-aps-6)

Blank Paper Ballot #e-aps-6
Blank PDF Paper Ballot #e-aps-6
Marked Paper Ballots #e-aps-6
Paper Ballot Totals #e-aps-6

Directors (e-aps-13)

Blank Paper Ballot e-aps-13
Blank PDF Paper Ballot #e-aps-13
Marked Paper Ballots e-aps-13-marked
Totals e-aps-totals

* * *

USA Pure Proportional Representation (PPR) Electoral College (Est. 1995)

New England (ss1) January
New York (ss2) February
North Atlantic (ss3) March
Mid-Atlantic (ss4) April
SouthEast (ss5) May
South (ss6) June
Great Lakes (ss7) July
MidWest (ss8) August
Texas (ss9) September
SouthWest (ss10) October
California (ss11) November
PacificNW (ss12) December
* * *

International Parliament (Est. 2016)

China #1 (P-1) January
China #2 (P-2) February
India #1 (P-3) March
India #2 (P-4) April
Africa #1 (P-5) May
Africa #2 (P-6) June
America #1 (P-7) July
America #2 (P-8) August
EurAsia and Middle East (P-9) September
Russia (P-10) October
Europe (P-11) November
Asia Pacific (P-12) December
* * *