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2nd North Atlantic Super-state


8/6/2018 to 8/5/2022
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Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and New Jersey
Most Active Mini-state: Philadelphia Mini-state

Vice President:
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2nd North Atlantic Super-state (ss3) Senator Nominations
National Super-state Senate Chamber
Nomination Deadline 2022-4-1

Super-state Senator Erik Gerhardt [Libertarian] 1Libertarian p-7 USA-ss3

Super-state Senator Madelyn Hoffman [Green] 1Libertarian p-7 USA-ss3-8

Super-state Senator Joe Bishop-Henchman [Libertarian] 1Libertarian p-7 USA-ss3
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2nd North Atlantic Super-state (ss3) Elector Nominations
Nomination Deadline 2022-4-1

105 John Waldenberger [Libertarian] PA Vying for Lt. Governor of PA USA ss3

1272 Erik Gerhardt [Libertarian] 1Libertarian p-7 USA-ss3
1273 Madelyn Hoffman [Green] 1Libertarian p-7 USA-ss3-8
1274 Joe Bishop-Henchman [Libertarian] 1Libertarian p-7 USA-ss3
1275 Vermin Supreme [Libertarian], MA 1Libertarian p-7 USA-ss11-9
1276 Ethan Bishop [Libertarian] 1Libertarian p-7 USA-ss11-9
1277 Desiree Pathos [Anti-Penis] 1Libertarian p-7 USA-ss3-1
1278 Lisa [Independent] 1Libertarian P7-USA-ss3-1
1279 Tony Briscoe [Independent] 1Libertarian P7-USA-ss3-11
1280 Kimberly Richardson [Independent] 1Libertarian P7-USA-ss3-1
1281 Mbah Daniel [Democrat-Republican] 1Libertarian P7-USA-ss3-1
1282 Loretta Lax Miller [Democrat] 1Libertarian P7-USA-ss3-1
1283 Jessica Kenley [Democratic] 1Libertarian P7-USA-ss3-1
1284 Random Dude [Pot] 1Libertarian P7-USA-ss3-1
1285 Eddie Bowers [Pot] 1Libertarian P7-USA-ss3-1
1286 David Seachrist [Pot] 1Libertarian P7-USA-ss3-1
1287 Marcus Pearson [Pot] 1Libertarian P7-USA-ss3-1
1288 Nate Wien [Pot] 1Libertarian P7-USA-ss3-1
1289 Karen Jennings [Green] 1Libertarian P7-USA-ss3-1
1290 Robert Creager [Libertarian] 1Libertarian P7-USA-ss3-1
1291 Virginia Smith [Green] 1Libertarian P7-USA-ss3-1
1292 Jerry "Jed" Siple [Libertarian] 1Libertarian P7-USA-ss3-1
1293 Tom McCall [Libertarian] 1Libertarian P7-USA-ss3-1
1294 Shamal [Independent] 1Libertarian P7-USA-ss3-1
1295 Rob Levin [Democratic/Marijuana] 1Libertarian P7-USA-ss3-1
1296 Martha Crabill [Democratic] 1Libertarian P7-USA-ss3-1
1297 Bill Bradley [Democrat] 1Libertarian P7-USA-ss3-1
1298 Tipper Gore [Democratic] 1Libertarian P7-USA-ss3-1
1299 Faye Houston [Democrat] 1Libertarian P7-USA-ss3-1
1300 Mary Zimmerman [Democratic] 1Libertarian P7-USA-ss3-1
1301 Czar of Spain [Nationalist] 1Libertarian P7-USA-ss3-1
1302 Chronicisjoy0075995 [Pot] 1Libertarian P7-USA-ss3-1
1303 William F. Sihr, IV [Libertarian] 1Libertarian P7-USA-ss3-7
1304 James V. Tosone, Jr. [Libertarian] 1Libertarian P7-USA-ss3-7
1305 Frank F. Warren, Jr. [Libertarian] 1Libertarian P7-USA-ss3-7
1306 Timothy F. O'Brien [Libertarian] 1Libertarian P7-USA-ss3-7
1307 Brian Pizza [Libertarian] 1Libertarian P7-USA-ss3-7
1308 Adam V. Puff [Libertarian] 1Libertarian P7-USA-ss3-7
1309 Peter J. Rohrman [Libertarian] 1Libertarian P7-USA-ss3-7
1310 Teak [American Labor] 1Libertarian P7-USA-ss3-12
1311 Rushrock63 [Smoker] 1Libertarian P7-USA-ss3-12
1312 Amber Emmertz [Legalize Marijuana] 1Libertarian P7-USA-ss3-12
1313 Bill [Stuff] 1Libertarian P7-USA-ss3-12
1314 Scott Spinucci [Hot Cocoa] 1Libertarian P7-USA-ss3-12
1315 Charles Kramer [Eco-Socialist] 1Libertarian P7-USA-ss3-12
1316 Desiree Pathos [anti-Penis] 1Libertarian P7-USA-ss3-12
1317 Stephanie Meyer [Roseanne Barr] 1Libertarian P7-USA-ss3-12
1318 Thad Hartl [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian P7-USA-ss3-1
1319 Joey Montez [Independent] 1Libertarian P7-USA-ss3-12
1320 Steven [Independent] 1Libertarian P7-USA-ss3-12
1321 Barry Briscoe [Green Tea-Rainbow] 1Libertarian P7-USA-ss3-11
1322 Tino Rozzo [American Labor] 1Libertarian P7-USA-ss3-12
1323 Lisa [Independent] 1Libertarian P7-USA-ss3-12
1324 Kimberly Richardson [Independent] 1Libertarian P7-USA-ss3-12
1325 Dorothy Henderson [Independent] 1Libertarian P7-USA-ss3-12
1326 Merlin Harper [JacobinTrotsky] 1Libertarian P7-USA-ss3-12
1327 Shamal [Independent] 1Libertarian P7-USA-ss3-12
1328 Rob Levin [Democratic/Marijuana] 1Libertarian P7-USA-ss3-12
1329 Martha Crabill [Democratic] 1Libertarian P7-USA-ss3-12
1330 Bill Bradley [Democrat] 1Libertarian P7-USA-ss3-12
1331 Tipper Gore [Democratic] 1Libertarian P7-USA-ss3-12
1332 Wayne Turner [AIDS Cure] 1Libertarian P7-USA-ss3-12
1333 Bob Bongen [Unaffiliated] 1Libertarian P7-USA-ss3-12
1334 Tiffany Briscoe [Green Tea-Rainbow] 1Libertarian P7-USA-ss3-11
1335 David Jahn [Libertarian] 1Libertarian MD 1Libertarian
1336 Demetrius Perry [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian P7-USA-ss3-1
1337 Asa Gordon [DC Statehood] 1Libertarian P7-USA-ss3-1
1338 Tino Rozzo [American Labor] 1Libertarian P7-USA-ss3-1
1339 Virginia Smith [Green] 1Libertarian DC,
1340 Karen Jennings [Green] 1Libertarian DC,
1341 John Karr [Libertarian] 1Libertarian MD,
1342 Ken V. Krawchuk [Libertarian] 1Libertarian MD,
1343 Kelly Tome [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian DC,
1344 Roy A. Minet [Libertarian] 1Libertarian MD,
1345 Edward D. Reagan [Libertarian] 1Libertarian MD,
1346 Steve Scheetz [Libertarian] 1Libertarian MD,
1347 Matthew C. Schutter [Libertarian] 1Libertarian MD,
1348 Richard Schwarz [Libertarian] 1Libertarian MD,
1349 William M. Sloane [Libertarian] 1Libertarian MD,
1350 Theodore A. Sommes III [Libertarian] 1Libertarian MD,
1351 Nicholas Sullivan [Libertarian] 1Libertarian MD,
1352 Elizabeth C. Summers [Libertarian] 1Libertarian MD,
1353 Alan Yottey [Libertarian] 1Libertarian MD,
1354 Andrew Brown [Libertarian] 5-5-2021 1Libertarian Senator-Elector NJ,
1355 Brenda Faith Bell [Libertarian] 5-5-2021 1Libertarian Senator-Elector NJ,
1356 Dan Delaney [Libertarian] 1Libertarian NJ,
1357 Richard Edgar [Libertarian] 1Libertarian NJ,
1358 Paula Forte [Libertarian] 1Libertarian NJ,
1359 Kenneth R. Kaplan [Libertarian] 1Libertarian NJ,
1360 Patrick J. McKnight [Libertarian] 1Libertarian NJ,
1361 Robert Barron [Libertarian] 1Libertarian Senator-Elector DC,
1362 John Vought LaBeaume [Libertarian] 1Libertarian Senator-Elector DC,
1363 Bruce Majors 1Libertarian DC,
1364 Chuck Boust [Libertarian] 1Libertarian MD,
1365 Edward T. Clifford [Libertarian] 1Libertarian MD,
1366 Robert Dages [Libertarian] 1Libertarian MD,
1367 Karla A. Felty [Libertarian] 1Libertarian MD,
1368 Shawn M. Felty [Libertarian] 1Libertarian MD,
1369 Henry E. Haller III [Libertarian] 1Libertarian MD,
1370 Foever [Me] 1Libertarian P7-USA-ss3-1
1700 Shawn P. House [Libertarian] 1Libertarian MD,
1371 Sarah Blakey [Libertarian] 1Libertarian P7-USA-ss3-1
1372 Ed Hertzog [Digital Anarchist] 1Libertarian P7-USA-ss3-1
1373 Stephanie Meyer [Roseanne Barr] 1Libertarian P7-USA-ss3-1
1374 Daniel Vovak [Republican] 1Libertarian P7-USA-ss3-1
1375 Kelly Tome [Info. Not Avail.] 1Libertarian P7-USA-ss3-1
1376 Rushrock63 [Smoker] 1Libertarian P7-USA-ss3-1
1377 Foever [Me] 1Libertarian P7-USA-ss3-12
1378 Charles Kramer [Eco-Socialist] 1Libertarian P7-USA-ss3-1
1379 Merlin Harper [JacobinTrotsky] 1Libertarian P7-USA-ss3-1
1380 Bob Bongen [Unaffiliated] 1Libertarian P7-USA-ss3-1
1381 Dorothy Henderson [Independent] 1Libertarian P7-USA-ss3-1
1382 Joey Montez [Independent] 1Libertarian P7-USA-ss3-1
1383 Steven [Independent] 1Libertarian P7-USA-ss3-1
1384 Ted Weber [Green] 1Libertarian P7-USA-ss3-1
1385 Ryan Baily [Bullmoose Republican] 1Libertarian P7-USA-ss3-1
1386 Robert "Jeffrey" Schundler [Republican] 1Libertarian P7-USA-ss3-1
1387 Michael Straw [Republican] 1Libertarian P7-USA-ss3-1
1388 Brian Billings [Republican] 1Libertarian P7-USA-ss3-1
1389 Cherish Prieditis [Anarchist] 1Libertarian USA-ss3-1
1390 Amber Emmertz [Legalize Marijuana] 1Libertarian P7-USA-ss3-1
1391 Lori Parry [Green Tea] 1Libertarian P7-USA-ss3-1
1392 Richard Louis Carter [Anarchist] 1Libertarian P7-USA-ss3-1
1393 Scott Spinucci [Hot Cocoa] 1Libertarian P7-USA-ss3-1
1394 Teak [American Labor] 1Libertarian P7-USA-ss3-1
3900 Bill Weld [Republican] MA 1Libertarian USAss1
3904 Nicole Briscoe [Green Tea-Rainbow] 1Libertarian P7-USA-ss3-11
3905 Joan Briscoe [Independent] 1Libertarian P7-USA-ss3-11
3906 Joe Briscoe [Independent] 1Libertarian P7-USA-ss3-11
* * *

Updated on 2022-4-20
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2nd North Atlantic Super-state
2018-8-5 to 2022-8-5


Parties With One Seat - 8

Wayne Turner [AIDS Cure], Bob Bongen [Unaffiliated], Czar of Spain [Nationalist], Rushrock63 [Smoker], Amber Emmertz [Legalize Marijuana], Bill [Stuff], Scott Spinucci [Hot Cocoa], Charles Kramer [Eco-Socialist], Desiree Pathos [anti-Penis], Stephanie Meyer [Roseanne Barr], Asa Gordon [DC Statehood], Merlin Harper [JacobinTrotsky], Teak [American Labor], Foever [Me], Tino Rozzo [American Labor]


Joan Briscoe [Independent], Joe Briscoe [Independent], Lisa [Independent], Tony Briscoe [Independent], Kimberly Richardson [Independent], Dorothy Henderson [Independent], Joey Montez [Independent], Steven [Independent], Shamal [Independent]

Democratic/Marijuana Party

Rob Levin [Democratic/Marijuana], Martha Crabill [Democratic], Bill Bradley [Democrat], Tipper Gore [Democratic], Faye Houston [Democrat], Mary Zimmerman [Democratic], Mbah Daniel [Democrat-Republican], Loretta Lax Miller [Democrat], Jessica Kenley [Democratic]

Pot Party

Random Dude [Pot], Eddie Bowers [Pot], David Seachrist [Pot], Marcus Pearson [Pot], Nate Wien [Pot], Chronicisjoy0075995 [Pot]

Libertarian Party

Robert Creager [Libertarian], Sarah Blakey [Libertarian], Tony Jones [Libertarian], Jerry "Jed" Siple [Libertarian], Tom McCall [Libertarian]

Green Tea Party

Lori Parry [Green Tea], Tiffany Briscoe [Green Tea-Rainbow], Nicole Briscoe [Green Tea-Rainbow], Barry Briscoe [Green Tea-Rainbow]

Green Party

Virginia Smith [Green], Karen Jennings [Green], Ted Weber [Green], Paul Glover [Green]

Republican Party

Daniel Vovak [Republican], Ryan Baily [Bullmoose Republican], Robert "Jeffrey" Schundler [Republican], Michael Straw [Republican], Brian Billings [Republican]

Info. Not Avail.

Thad Hartl [Info. Not Avail.], Kelly Tome [Info. Not Avail.], Demetrius Perry [Info. Not Avail.]

Anarchist Party

Richard Louis Carter [Anarchist], Ed Hertzog [Digital Anarchist]
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Updated on 2021-9-26
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North Atlantic Super-state (ss3)

Philadelphia Mini-state (PA) ss3-1 January
Allegheny Mini-state (PA) ss3-2 February
Montgomery Mini-state (PA) ss3-3 March
Bucks Mini-state (PA) ss3-4 April
Delaware Mini-state (PA) ss3-5 May
Bergen Mini-state (NJ) ss3-6 June
Middlesex Mini-state (NJ) ss3-7 July
Essex Mini-state (NJ) ss3-8 August
Hudson Mini-state (NJ) ss3-9 September
Montgomery Mini-state (MD) ss3-10 October
Prince George Mini-state (MD) ss3-11 November
Delaware and DC Mini-state (DE and DC) ss3-12 December
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USA Pure Proportional Representation (PPR) Electoral College (Est. 1995)

New England (ss1) January
New York (ss2) February
North Atlantic (ss3) March
Mid-Atlantic (ss4) April
SouthEast (ss5) May
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SouthWest (ss10) October
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PacificNW (ss12) December
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International Parliament (Est. 2016)

China #1 (P-1) January
China #2 (P-2) February
India #1 (P-3) March
India #2 (P-4) April
Africa #1 (P-5) May
Africa #2 (P-6) June
America #1 (P-7) July
America #2 (P-8) August
EurAsia and Middle East (P-9) September
Russia (P-10) October
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Asia Pacific (P-12) December
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