Cabinet / Securities & Exchange Ministry

Securities & Exchange Ministry Minister Jim Mueller [Direct Representation]

Deputy Securities & Exchange Minister Misha Bogatirev [Environmentalist]

Visit the USA Government's SEC Commission

Visit the Delaware State Division of Corporations

Acquiring a Ticker Symbol Through the OTCBB

Regulation A Answers

Article 8 for Smaller Company Reporting

Regulation D Answers

SEC Rule 504 (Requires restrictive legend unless certain multi-state goals are achieved)

SEC Rule 505 (If a company other than a limited partnership cannot obtain audited financial statements without unreasonable effort or expense, only the company's balance sheet (to be dated within 120 days of the start of the offering) must be audited; and ...)

SEC Rule 506 (Allows public solicitation, requires only accredited investors.)

EHow to sell private stock

Stock Splits

EDGER Portal


The All Party System Co.'s Proposed Intellectual Property Retainment Project

Insider Bids

All Party System Web Page

APS Co. Execs, BoD and Staff Nominee Wish List

Making a Film

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