Free Parliamentary Party / Rene' Jean [Free Parliamentary]

Rene' Jean [Free Parliamentary]

Rene' Jean, Born in Michigan, 1948

Enslaved in Rhode Island, 1966

After having been coerced by my parents and society, and after having been brainwashed by public schools to believe it was in my best interest, I voluntarily signed up for the draft, a Social Security number (Which actually a T.I.N. or taxpayer I.D.#) and a driver's license (which actually means that the government legally assumes that I will be engaging in acts of commerce. This makes me subject to Maritime Law and therefore Admiralty Court. Incidentally, in Admiralty Court there is no right to a trial by jury of your peers, and you are presumed guilty before attempting to prove yourself innocent).

I've been unwittingly entering adhesion contracts with my slave-masters ever since then by signing my blank signature (legal name recorded by the state at birth) on W-4 statements, on the back of my paychecks, and on countless other documents like bank statements, rental contracts, etc. Many of these documents include the phrase "under penalty of perjury" even though an oath is a prerequisite for perjury. By signing these bank contracts and signature endorsing paychecks little did I realize I was endorsing [private] Federal Reserve Credit, thereby plunging this country deeper into national debt. I have recently learned that by _making our demand_ to redeem checks for lawful money pursuant to 12 USC Section 411, we create prima fiscie evidence that we do not endorse [private] Federal Reserve credit even though the only currency available to take the place of lawful money is Federal Reserve Notes.

POLITICAL HISTORY - former Connecticut Chairman and New England Organizer of the National State's Rights Party from 1970-1973. I discontinued activity in the NSRP in 1973 after attending the National Convention in Georgia when it became evident to me that our party was doing more harm than good due to some of the planks of our platform and the national leadership's reluctance to entertain ideas of ever changing in order to be a party of National influence.

PRESENT VIEWPOINT - I believe that State's rights, as well as any other rights people may claim, are merely perceived as rights and are only attainable through recognition by others or the willful exercise thereof. If it becomes increasingly impossible to exercise what you perceive your rights to be, then obviously, for you, those rights do not exist! Therefore, we must begin to willfully exercise what we perceive as our rights or they _are_ non-existent. We must show the courts that we are competent and coherent enough to stand on our own in common law.

Freedom-loving Americans must wrestle control of our lives from the International Bankers, businessmen and corrupt politicians. We've lots of work to do!


I've given you my definition of rights, but now I feel I must elaborate in order to clarify my reasons for stating that our rights are only "perceived" rights. We could think of the matter in a general sense, or we could think of it in the sense of how it relates to our particular and unique situation as Americans. Either way, it will amount to about the same thing. Here it is:

Just because someone, a long time ago, wrote something on a piece of paper professing to recognize and guarantee to someone the a.)GOD given or b.) inalienable, or c.) Constitutional, or d.) Civil, or e.) all of the above rights, it didn't mean they were talking about us. You and I, my fellow Americans, got nothing. As a matter of fact, at the time these statements were written, if we weren't land owners as as the result of some British land grant recorded and recognized by the British Crown, then we were treated as chattel and surety that guaranteed the loans incurred by the signers of the U. S. Constitution.

For all intents and purposes this made us slaves to the corporate system, The Republic, The Federation, within which we were considered to have limited rights unless changes in our "legal" status were to occur. Well, my friends, changes have occurred, but it has been quite the shell game as nearly any good Esquire Lawyer specializing in Constitutional Law could tell you if he really had any good reason to do so. But the sad fact is that they will never point out these facts to us because they are Squires, a class rated just below a Knight in the British Crown system and definitely high above Free Men On The Land in America who, unless we be Serfs, have few recognized rights, if any, in their feudal system.

As the shell game progresses, we have been upgraded to the status of surety for even more evil deeds and concoctions of the Crown such as NATO, the UN, the World Court with its "New Sanhedron" etc. ad infinatum, ad nauseum. All this we have been pledged to uphold by not only the original signers , all dead, by the way, but by many, many more similar signers down through the history of this country.

Wait just a moment. Country What in hell is a country if it is not a Nation? What is a nation without Nationalism? We already have a continent, North America, in which to live, so why would we need a political structure called a nation if not for some semblance of nationalism? Instead of keeping prosperity for all Americans we've been literally bailing it out to corporate commercial entities who are so all-powerful that they laugh at our lack of knowledge concerning the cold hard facts of our existence. They definitely have conspired and do actively conspire to change the game perpetually to keep the "Believers" at bay and always subservient to their system of duplicity and trechery that has been working well for them since the first known "civilations" of Sumeria, Egypt, Babylon, Rome and now this !

For what it's worth, how are you going to fit into this reality? Are you even going to stand and declare by proclamation that you have rights and exactly what you perceive your rights to be? You will definitely not be recognized as having any rights above those of an animal if you go off half-cocked on some frivolous Occupy Movement demonstration because all they've done is change the game on us again. Instead of coming up with our own plan for a course of action, we would be falling into another one of their con-game traps if we were to let them lead us around; "Believing that we might be doing something good"; all the while allowing them to name the game which is "Controlling Us By Deception". We can't match up at that game. They've been playing us all along while we struggle to understand why and how they do it and continue to work hard to live and pay our taxes

Right now, as all of you wonder where your tax dollars, your hard work and diligence to current affairs, as well as your caring and faith have gotten us as a nation, I promise you that it has gone to shower the global elite with riches and to guarantee the suffering of billions of poverty-stricken inhabitants of this world. How do they do it? Here's a good place to start looking for clues...evidence, if you will.

The United States is defined in the Constitution of the United States as "Congress Assembled". The only place that Congress is authorized to assemble is the ten square-mile area known as the District of Columbia, AKA Washington, D.C. This is your "United States"! You and I don't represent the United States, nor are we included in it as conceived by the original signers. Next, study Article 6 of the actual document to find proof that the original signers pledged to pay all debts incurred by the Revolutionary War and all debts incurred by the "United States" after the war. This is huge, friends because it has been like a magic check book for all of the U.S. Officials to get whatever they want while signing our very lives and futures away to have it. The way they perfected and guaranteed our blind participation in this scheme was to implement the Social Security system. Most who are younger than I have been unwillingly and fraudulently enrolled into this system by way of the Cestui Que Vie Trust. Study the history of trusts, and you'll find that there is a particular format for the construction of a trust that is universal in law. We've always gone along with the scheme due to the fact that we "believe" ourselves to be the beneficiaries of the "Insurance". In law, the only way anyone could be involved in a trust without his knowledge is to be named as the beneficiary. This would not constitute fraud. In all trusts there has to be one or more trustees. The beneficiary of a trust can not be a trustee as it would be a conflict of interest and not allowable in law. However, if a beneficiary is somehow conned into usurping the position of trustee he will be regarded as "Trustee de son Tort" thereby becoming responsible for discharging all debts of that trust before any beneficiary can benefit from said trust.

How in the world can we be duped into this action against ourselves? First of all - and most importantly, they get us to sign things; forms, contracts, bank statements and such things - as if we had the power to do so as trustee of our Cestui Que Vie trust which most of us had no knowledge that it even existed! How and when was this trust constructed? It was constructed on day one of your life. While your mother was still reeling in the glory of having created you, flesh and blood, and still under the influence of the pain killers they gave her during your birth, or the sedatives afterward, she was told to name the child, doing so by signing the birth certificate presented to her by the hospital. The name she gave you, your true name, was then entered by the "State" officials into the construction of a trust designated by your legal name which is identical to your true name but spelled in "all capital letters" making it a legal corporate entity in law. Now, all they have to do is keep you signing things all your life with, as they demand, your legal name, and voila! You have continuously and consistently usurped the position of trustee.

Friends, let's not continue to ignore our true identities as living, breathing human beings by allowing ourselves to be treated as fictitious legal entities, persons as they would have you believe. We must all declare by proclamation that we have been fraudulently conned and coerced into taking on this personna---this legal fiction. Let's begin to conduct ourselves as righteous souls by educating ourselves beyond the parameters set for us by public education, so that we won't continue to be manipulated into trying to work within their slavery and debt-based system all the while working for it.

Sorry, Daniel but doesn't being a unich mean that you have no balls?