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The Pot Party of The United States of America

Pot Party Logo The Purpose of the Pot Party

  • To decriminalize marijuana use.
  • To implement proportional representation.

"In order to advance to a direct democracy system and majority rule, the US should switch all voting systems into proportional representation.

  1. Proportional Electoral College and the advanced dual-winner district system, simultaneousely electing US President / Vice President based on ranked voting (consecutive numbers beginning with the number one), majority rule, and verifiable paper ballots.
  2. Proportional US Senate and House of Representatives
  3. Proportional State Senates and Assemblies
  4. Proportional County Councils and Judiciaries
  5. Proportional City Councils.

We propose to accomplish these goals through sound environmental policies, consistent with:

  • Protection of human liberty.
  • Sustainable, robust, economic policies.
  • Advancement of civilization transcending the nation-state.
Marijuana Party Logo

Pot Party founder
Marcus Denoon.
Rest in peace.

Pot Party Founder Marcus Denoon

Pot Party Leader
Nate Brown
(photo circa 1995
) Pot Party Leader Nate Brown

History of Known Pot Party Political Candidates
1996 Prime Minister Marcus Denoon [Pot] Elected 1st USA Parliament Prime Minister on 2/15/1996
MP Marcus Denoon [Pot] for US President – Vote Info. Not Avail.
Fred Inthehills [Pot] for US President – Vote Info. Not Avail.
1998 MP Robert Cepeda [Pot] for Sand City, CA. City Council - Received 15 of 83 votes cast
MP Jimmy Ogle [Pot] for Sand City, CA. City Council – Received 9 of 83 votes cast
2000 Fred Inthehills for US President - Info. Not Avail
2002 MP V.D. Hales [Green-Pot-Christian] for Paradise, CA City Council – Received more than 1400 votes
2004 MP V.D. Hales[Green-Pot-Christian] – write-in candidate for Paradise City Council (no known votes), MP Jim Cruise [Pot] for US president (no known votes) [know of votes? Email us allparty@allpartysystem.tv]

The Pot Party in 2012 Presents: Allied Central Command (The US Parliament)

June 6, 1944: By MP Ogle [Free Parliamentary] D-Day, in Cyberspace

ALLIED CENTRAL COMMAND: Four 100-member elected teams (with plenty of back-ups) are on the beach, have each elected five member executives - three prime ministers and two secretaries. Rotating our back ups, in and out like a co-ed basketball team, we have been engaging the machine gun nests guarding the bunker at top It’s D-Day in Cyberspace, where twelve years in real life is like twelve minutes on Normandy Beach, and we're frozen in time for what appears to be 100,000 years before the glorious victory, Battle of the Bulge.

It's time for reinforcement of the decimated beach head, the armada, the mother ship USS Parliament, and time to build the twelve population balanced super-state parliaments (CA, NY, TX and nine more groupings of smaller populated states). Each super-state parliament contains twelve population balanced mini-state parliaments, like party boats/landing craft, but actually counties and groups of counties, so each district has proportionate voter totals.

All new signups, please prepare to load the "party boats/landing craft". Please add your name, party/category and state to Allied Central Command: http://www.usparliament.org/signup.php

You don't exist. You

In the "real life" elections, there is one small problem. You don't exist. They pretty much say Allied Central Command doesn't exist. That our troops (registered voters) don't exist.

They say all parties with one seat, groups totaling sometimes much higher than 33.33% plus one vote, and independents, we all don't exist, and that our team doesn't count. Nor will we win any representation in "real" government elections.

We're not supposed to be here. Yet here we are.

The names in the parliament are real people. But to the establishment media, we aren't supposed< to exist all. The status quo conducts elections poorly, and they censor (in partnership with the state) the majority of people who prefer a more exact and personal party/category or the word "independent" by their name The media reinforces that with dictatorial bias, squashing free speech competition The media is scared of free speech from parties with one seat and independents. It seems too chaotic for them, but our vote counting methods solve those problems.

I ask you; "If we are electing the 100th person with 1% and you garnered 17 rankings on the various ballots cast, while another person garnered only 15 various rankings on the various ballots cast, wouldn't you agree that you are the winner of the seat because 17 rankings is more than 15 rankings?" In our system, the most votes always wins even if by one vote, the sum of all rankings which is lowest breaks ties, and 50% plus one vote is always the majority. Period. We apologize for being unyielding, but on Normandy Beach, as equal units, majority rules, and as our numbers are deminishing and splintering, a quick count of ranked ballots is in order.

With this kind of vote counting system guaranteeing majority rule, there is a very good, orderly voting system for change. It's a competitive election system for true independents and independent partisans, known as pure proportional representation (PR). Under Allied Central Command, independents and parties with one seat get seated in an orderly manner, using a better seat distribution system than any other known system for distributing 100 "seats". The Sainte-Lague parliament seat distribution system. By changing your party/category name, you can move your seat out of your current party/category, by itself, with "parties with one seat" or with others like you, or remove your name. However you wish. No matter where your name gets grouped, what party/category you declare, you are an equal unit of one, or one percent of 100, and have a one fluid vote (with unlimited rankings) for all five executives and one set of rules.

Because true independents continually garner far more than 1% of the votes year after year in the real elections, but receive barely over 0% of the representation in the United States of America, everyone agrees we need change for the better representation of all people, including representation for independents. A mathematical system, where all rankings, by all voters, are considered and factored into the results.

Allied Central Command (The US Parliament) is here to make sure any individual receiving 1% of the votes, is elected as one of the 100 members of parliament, or MPs.


Headquarters has received word from one landing craft that the Central California has beached directly in front of the bunker for a frontal attack.

Information from elected volunteer member of super-state parliament (MSP) Vanessa Morley [Defender of the Republic] indicates a re-supply route does exist. We have prepared a list of MPs' known US postal addresses of the 100 original members.
A new ballot will be prepared and ready for 4/20/2011 through 8/6/2011.

Supplies/Reinforcements Needed!

S.O.S We are in need of supplies on the front line.
Stickers. Stamps. Printer inks. Food. Fuel. Medicine. Reply now to allparty@allpartysystem.tv,

"... I am physically unable to go forward. My name can go forward with the parliament".

Rotate and Re-supply "Troops" And Expand

Time to elect and rotate new names into the 8th US Parliament in 2011, and increase the numbers of MPs who wish to participate, for future years. Time to expand the territory of the newly improved beach head, as we try to climb the cliffs upward, leave Normandy Beach and create a new state, a Shangri-La. Geodesic domes, bicycle lanes, passive and active solar energy in government buildings, accountability in elections, peace and freedom, capitalistic co-ops, pure proportional representation, true free speech for each of the 100 MPs, and more ...

Even if only three people vote, it’s AOK, as each one is guaranteed to elect their top 33 names to move forward. If twenty-five people vote, each is guaranteed to elect their four top choices.
If 100 people vote, they are guaranteed to each elect one person per each 100-member party boat. If 200 people vote, it takes two votes to elect one person with 1%.

Mass Confusion Normandy Beach

There is more confusion on the beach in Normandy

The Free Parliamentary Party itself is pinned down with the original 8th US Parliament division along with the other two 100-member divisions, the 6th California Super-state Parliament and the Central California Mini-state Parliament, their executives, partisans, independents and non-members.

As we rotate, re-supply and re-equip the 100 members of the 8th US Parliament, we'll simultaneously merge the freshly supplied and rejuvenated division, by facilitating the volunteer self appointments of members in all the super-states and mini-states within it. All US voters will be invited and encouraged to nominate up to three names for 100 MPs, among whom will be elected one US president and vice president.

HEAR YE! HEar ye!

The 8th US Parliament Election is open to all interested people and US voters residing within the US, and all US citizens abroad.

* * *


Pot Party Founded in 1995

The Pot Party was first conceived in a poster by a Monterey, CA artist, in 1995.

Talk show host Marcus Denoon became the founder and leader of the Pot Party by standing for US Presidentin1996. Every state’s office of elections was notified in writing, and inquiries were made by MTV, a competition for PR with MPs Nader and Browne resulted, and MP Clinton was quoted as saying “I wish I’d inhaled”. Denoon stood for member of parliament (MP) in the First US Presidential Preferential Ballot and USA Parliament Election as a write-in candidate in 1995/6, where the Pot Party’s overwhelming popularity was noted.
Marcus Denoon starred in a TV series "Ganjah Talk" where he documented his run for US President AND his run for member of parliament (MP)(Mr. Ganjah Man Runs for President) in 1995 and 1996. His campaigning for votes in the parliament was filmed at the "Human Be-in" in S.F., CA., and Christmas of 1995

To help support the Pot Party, please register to vote with the Pot Party in your state. In California, you must write in both words, “Pot” and “Party” (Pot Party). 90,000 new members are needed to become ballot qualified in CA. Perhaps only 25 people are needed in Tennessee.

Pot Party Rally

Shown above is the first rally of the Pot Party, which
took place on January 25, 1997, at 4:20 PM in Monterey, California.
The Marijuana Party was founded at this rally. The new US Marijuana Party has opened chapters in many states.