Early Political History of Pot Party (1998)

SAND CITY, CA. The Pot Party candidates, MPs Robert Cepeda and Jimmy Ogle, along with MP Rebecca Perry (Democratic), spent about $20. and had one sign. However, the incumbents (Two Democrats and a Republican) spent over $5000. and had about 200 signs.
Through the city manager, the status quo ordered the Sand City police to take down the Pot Party sign (documented by a news reporter and photographer); they illegally searched our businesses "we're just following orders"; and they "piled on" traffic tickets (eleven police officers for a town of 200).
Fraudulent vote-fraud charges stated that the parliamentarian candidates did not live within Sand City, CA. But, MP Cepeda was a 5th generation Sand City resident, MP Perry a 4th generation resident, and MP Ogle a two year resident.
In violation of the California Constitution, the anti-parliamentarian Mayor in office for 20 years, slandered the US Parliament challengers through direct mailings; libeled via the TV; spread misinformation (documented as published in _The Monterey Herald Newspaper_); abused city powers; made unsubstantiated charges of voter fruad which were dismissed by the federal investigators; and closed down nine businesses of Pot Party supporters on bogus fire inspection charges - driving out of town almost 10% of the town's voters.
The following people had businesses closed;

Gene Marsee' - Hemp Party (founder) - Ceramicist, Cool Pipes
Satya Kaur - Flying Saucer Party (founder) - Terot Card Reader/Retailer
MP John Mayer - Info. Not Avail. - Fisherman/Musician
Brian Aatlo - Libertarian - Jeweler, The Treasure Chest
Anonymous - Info. Not Avail. - Cleaning Business
Jim and Temor - Info. Not Avail. - Musicians
MSP Kelli Rose - Nonpartisan - Musician
John Horler - British Citizen - Artist
MP Jimmy Ogle - Pot Party - Welder
Steve Westphal - Pot Party - Welder/Employee
John Eagleston - Info. Not Avail. - Antique Dealer
Anonymous - Environmentalist - Welder/Employee

The incumbent councilmember Jerry Blackwelder and his wife physically intimidated the Pot Party's coalition partner and Sand City mayorial candidate, Economics Minister/MP Rebecca Perry (Democratic Party), at the front door of her home, without any prior introduction, thus causing her undue stress.
These same incumbents are supported financially by a developer who owns the Sand Dollar Shopping Center and who owns large hotel developments already OK'd by the incumbents to be built on the ageless sand dunes of Sand City. Yet, polls show the residents don't support such plans.
In addition, the Sand City city attorney denied the Pot Party proponents two initiatives, which garnered the required 30 signatures of town residents, from being placed on the ballot for vote. The first one called for a yes/no vote for the building of large five-story hotels. The initiative and was denied three times. The second initiative was for a yes/no vote on a proposed city-wide nonpartisan proportional representation voting system and was denied ballot qualification by the city attorney two times.

Political Oppression of the Pot Party in 1996

In Addition, the City of Monterey, CA fined the elected Pot Party secretary $250. or eight days in jail, for asking for a $1. donation for the Pot Party sticker on city property by Fisherman's Wharf.
The donations were the only source of revenue for Pot Party elections. MP Ogle argued in court that the sales of the stickers (much like the sales of newspapers) are protected under the first article of the US Constitution for free speech.

The Pot Party was founded in 1995 by Marcus Denoon, and immediately became affiliated with the US Parliament by adopting the Sainte-Lague parliament seat distribution as its official election system.