Mid-Atlantic / MSPs' Votes

Mid-Atlantic MSPs' Votes

Mid-Atlantic MSPs' votes for PM, secretary and rules

James Ogle

Prime Minister
1 Jesse Johnson [Mountain]
2 Arthur Rodrigues [Mutualism & Cooperation]
3 Germaine Stewart [Liberal]

1 Keenan Dunham [Libertarian]
2 Carey Campbell [Independent Green]

History of ss4

Prime Ministers
1st Prime Minister Jesse Johnson [Green Mountain] (Elected on 8/8/2013 to current)
2nd Prime Minister Marcia Everett [Green] (Elected on 8/8/2013 to mid-2014)
3rd Prime Minister Mike Roselle [Info. Not Avail.] (Elected on 8/8/2013 to 9/2/2013)
4th Prime Minister Larry Carter Center [Disabled] (Elected on 9/2/2013 to mid-2014)
5th Prime Minister Arthur Rodrigues [Mutualism & Cooperation] (Elected on 1/4/2015 to current)
6th Prime Minister Germaine Stewart [Liberal] (Elected on 1/19/2015 to current)

1st Secretary Roxanne Kirtright [Green] (Elected on 8/8/2013 to 1/19/2015)
2nd Secretary James Ogle [Free Parliamentary] (Elected on 8/8/2013 to 1/19/2015)
3rd Secretary Keenan Dunham] (Elected on 1/19/2015 to current)
4th Secretary Carey Campbell [Green Independent] (Elected on 1/19/2015 to current)