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(Article from Missourian in 2012 copied below to get around the required poll)

The Missourian Article Reads:

Pacific Grove, Calif.

Age: 54
Party affiliation: Libertarian/independent
Website: usparliament.org/google2012.php

James Orlando Ogle III will appear as a Libertarian on the Missouri primary ballot. He is secretary of the U.S. Parliament, a non-profit organization that helps register voters and supports third-party candidates. He works with several independent presidential candidates, including Roseanne Barr, and he said he hopes to become the vice presidential running mate for Barr's presidential campaign.

Ogle is running on several platforms, including ranked-choice voting. This system is based on percentages, allowing multiple winners. Ogle described it as more inclusive and more competitive. Ranked-choice voting would help third-party and independent candidates, he said.

Ogle describes himself as an "outsider" in the Libertarian party, but he does support its calls for smaller government, greater liberty and less violence.

"The Libertarian Party is for the non-initiation of force," he said. Force can be used as a defensive measure, but should never be used against people, he said.

In addition to Missouri, Ogle is on the California primary ballot in June.

Missourian reporters Amy Willsey, Anli Xiao, Dan Burley, Tony Lee, Blaine Duncan, Jacob Kirn, Hannah Cushman, Dani Kinnison, Madeline O'Leary, Laura D'Angelo, Allyson Wilson and Karen Miller contributed to these profiles.

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