Cabinet / Energy Ministry

Energy Ministry Energy Minister Dr. Paul Kangas [Green]

Deputy Energy Minister Carey Campbell [Green]

Director Mosheh Thezion [All]
Director James Ogle [Free Parliamentary]
Director Tim Grady [Biblical Constitution]

Energy Ministry Phone Tree

Energy Ministry Open Forum

Votes for Directors

James Ogle's vote for Directors (6/23/2012)

1 Dave Parker [Free Energy]
2 Jon Britton [Free Energy]
3 Mosheh Thezion [All]
4 James Ogle [Free Parliamentary]
5 Tim Grady [Biblical Constitution]

Votes for Decisions

Mosheh Thezion's vote for Directors (12/31/2011)

1) Set goals to push towards. (basic systems types to work with, panels, mirrors, black body etc...)
2) proposals by which to achieve those goals. (systems using panels, mirrors, black body collectors
etc... with real numbers)
3) Members to meet (online) and discuss those issues, and settle on '''wording'''...(and actual
tech with numbers) so that we can move forward.
4) Having done this, worthwhile and well written proposals (simple presentations with simple honest
numbers.) to address the energy woes of the world, can me made up (written/ drawn/ video) ... and
finally published as press releases to the world.
5) After which we could call for press conferences, and set up serious discussions with those in
power and of influence to meet with us and discuss these very important issues. (start a fund
raising effort to expand efforts, into real global research and development programs to make
things cheap, by making the developed tech, free-tech, by publication... as the long term end
goal of such a ministry.. to promote the tech.)