PacificNW / Cabinet (ss12)

PacifNW Super-state Parliament (ss12) Cabinet

Please be sure to contact any one of the five executives (Execs), the three prime ministers and two secretaries, if/when you'd like to nominate a name to the Cabinet!

See the results of the Execs voting under the "parliamentary go-ahead" by clicking here.


Full Cabinet Ministers

Human Rights Minister Cindy Sheehan [Peace & Freedom]
Foreign Minister Mazie Hirono [Democrat]
Constitutional Law Minister Rick Staggenborg [All]
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) Minister Barbara Marumoto [Republican]
Homeland Security Minister Bono-Mack [Republican]
Attorney General Minister Dan Cox [Libertarian]
Energy Minister Doloras Huerta [Info. Not Avail.]
Federal Communications Commissioner Minister Mike Honda [Democrat]
Press Secretary Minister Renee Roybal [Info. Not Avail.]
Interior Minister Cindy Sheehan [Peace & Freedom]
Independent Expenditure Minister Keith Judd [Green]
Platform Minister Reina Roybal [Peace & Freedom]
Treasury Minister J. Paul Hadd [Independent]
Defense Minister Otis Sterling lll [Info. Not Avail.]
Vote Counting Minister Rosa Clemente [Green]
SEC Minister James Carry [Demcratic]
Health and Human Services Minister Mike Gravel [Libertarian]
Supreme Electoral Council Minister Charles Jay [Boston Tea]
Office of the National Counterintelligence Executive Minister Brandy Baker [Independent]
Internal Affairs of the Senate Minister Lih Young [Democrat]
CIA Minister Mike Fellows [Libertarian]
BATF Minister Li Zhao [Libertarian]
Environmental Minister Daniel Inouye [Democrat]
Education Minister Chris Fry [Democrat]
AMTRAK (National Railroad Passenger Corporation) Minister Vincent Clark [Libertarian]
Research and Science Minister Dave Stromaier [Democrat]
Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Minister Linda McCulloch [Democrat]
Native American Affairs Minister Pam Bucy [Democrat]
Commerce Minister Alex Mendoza [Socialist]
Secretary of State Minister Franke Wilmer [Democrat]
Federal Election Commission Minister Kim Gillan [Democrat]
Peace Corps Minister Jon Tester [Democrat]
Labor Minister Robin Altman [Democrat]
Arts & Culture Minister Zac Goldstein [Socialist]
Speaker Minister Gustavo Gutierrez [Democrat]
Federal Reserve System Minister Thomas "Emily" Allard [Independent]
Agriculture Minister Ryan Kondakor [Otaku]
Justice Minister David Cobb [Green]
General Services Administration Minister Sam Webb [Communist]
United States Postal Service (USPS) Minister Jarvis Tyner [Communist]
Government Reduction Minister Alan Colmes [Democrat]
Housing and Urban Development Minister John Stossel [Libertarian]
Social Security Administration (SSA) Minister Jeff Boss [NSA did 9/11]
National Council on Disability Minister Dennis Knill [Democrat]
Economics Minister Michael Peroutka [Constitution]
States Rights Minister Curtis Oda [Republican]
FBI Minister Zuhdi Jasser [Republican]
Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board Minister Saghir Tahir [Republican]
FEMA Minister Darrell Issa [Republican]
Families, Housing, Community and Indigenous People Minister Nikki Haley [Republican]
Small Biz Administration Minister John E. Sununu [Republican]
Federal Maritime Commission Minister John Talent [Anarchist-Socialist]
Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service Minister Jeffrey Proud [Democrat]
Farm Credit Administration Minister Brian Moore [Democrat]
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) Minister Farid Khavari [Democrat]
IRS Minister Rahm Emanuel [Democrat]
Export-Import Bank Minister Maggie Phair [Peace and Freedom/Socialist]
Evict Corporate Influence Minister Marc Luzietti [Independent Socialist]
Transportation Minister Veronica Nowakowski [Socialist]
Veterans Affairs Minister Mimi Soltysik [Socialist]

Deputy Ministers

Deputy Human Rights Minister Roseanne Barr [Green Tea]
Deputy Constitutional Law Minister Steven Argue [Socialist]
Deputy Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) Minister Saichairi Rian McGrath [Socialist]
Deputy Homeland Security Minister Steve Sears [Independent Socialist]
Deputy Attorney General Minister Roseanne Barr [Green Tea]
Deputy Energy Minister Steve Clark [Socialist]
Deputy Federal Communications Commissioner Minister Bob Ely [Democrat]
Deputy Press Secretary Minister Lydia Kelemen [Socialist Realist]
Deputy Interior Minister Jerry Levy [Socialist]
Deputy Platform Minister Dr Corneal West [unknown]

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