Edlira Zeka

Lady of Peace Edlira Zeka By James Ogle

To The United Coalition
The Tenth USA Parliament
8/6/2016 to 8/6/2020

By James Ogle, updated on 5/4/2017

We first became aware of Edlira "Lady of Peace" in December of 2014 when she was nominated as an executive to the International Parliament where I was volunteering to count votes under pure proportional representation (PR) with international voting reformers.

Excellency Edlira Zeka is a courageous woman who has dedicated her life to humanity, to all the people around the world, in cooperation with global human rights organizations, foundations, Humanitarian Academies, royals and great personalities of nations.

She is also well known as SH J Eda.

The historical importance of her great work as a contributor to the needs of poor people has been recognized by many people around the world. It has been our team's great fortune to work with her under pure proportional representation. Nobody has it as good as our team.

In 2014, she was invited and appointed by the Governor of Italy, Mr. Secretary General of the World Peace Committee Francesco Paolo Scarciolla, as Ambassador of Peace of the AIUO Academy.

She was elected the world's most influential figure of 2014 by an international world peace organization, and has since dedicated herself to the cause of peace, justice and the ongoing fight against discrimination towards woman, children and religions.

Appointed Ambassador in many countries' organizations in the fight for human rights, she works for collaborating with foundations for brotherly relationship and international unions.

Excellency President Edlira Zeka was nominated by Peace Mission & Diplomatic Relations. That's a great organization affiliated with ICHAPS and Dr. Mohamed Mahmoud as honorary membership and Goodwill Ambassador.

Excellency Edlira Zeka was nominated by Royal Peace Group Saudi Arabia RSG, Ambassador for Social-Cultural Arts and Humanity, Certificate of Appreciation from Sheikh Muhammed Alqarni, The Embassy of Peace Award, Certificate of Appreciation of Sheikh Meeshal Fahab Al-Anezi, RSG Humanitarian Projects Services, Ambassador for Peace and Order, Certificate of Appreciation of Sheikh Falal Mohammad Al-Anezi, Certificate of Appreciation from Sheikh Ibrahim Abdurahman Al-Zahrani, Certificate of Appreciation of Sheikh Fahab Mohammad Hossein Al-Mesmen Al-Qahtani, The Most Distinguished Member of RSG, Love and Peace for Humanity Award, RSG-By The Grace of God-Honorable Member and the RSG Humanitarian Projects Services-Humanitarian Award 2014.

Excellent in diplomacy, Exc. Edlira Zeka has been voted and supported as a leader around the globe for progress of peace, and she is always working for a great world union, the earth united to find solutions for the whole.

In 2014, Excellency Dr. Edlira Zeka won the Medal of Excellence as the world's most Influential Figure.

As an Albanian citizen and as President of the All Party System Co., Exc. Edlira Zeka is a great global leader. With her and her efforts with the new International Parliament, we are building new world unity phenomena, composed of nations in brotherhood. And together we are preparing peace programs of the future, for all nations.
* * *