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Vote Here The Mid-West Super-state Parliament Election of 2011 (ss8)

Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin

Official Eballot Vote Online Now
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Elects 100 Members of Super-State Parliament (MSPs)
The Mid-West Super-state Parliament Election
8/6/2011 through 11/11/2011.

Directions to Voters

Please copy the eballot below, paste the eballot on an email message addressed
to vvc@usparliament.org, mark your choices in blank "___" space,
and reply to vvc@usparliament.org.

Do not use X marks. Mark your choice(s) with numbers only.
Put the figure 1 beside your first choice, the figure 2 beside
your second choice, the figure 3 beside your third choice, and so on.
You may rank as many choices as you please. Do not put the same
figure beside more than one choice/name.

Copy, paste and email the marked eballot to the volunteer vote counter.

<------cut here, email to vvc@usparliament.org------>

Rank Candidate Name Party/Category
___ ________________ ________________ (write in)
___ ________________ ________________ (write in)
___ ________________ ________________ (write in)
___ Jeff Fecke [Anarchist]
___ Josh Ondich [Coffee]
___ John Gaspari [Conservative]
___ Peter Stone [Democratic]
___ Charles Trent [Democratic]
___ Tina Lorbetsen [Democratic Reformist]
___ Chuck Pasch [Environmentalist]
___ Katie Young [Free]
___ Yoshi Urser [Freedom]
___ Diane Finny [Free Liberty]
___ James Ogle [Free Parliamentary]
___ Arlando Garcia [Free Speech]
___ Chad Lorenzo [Gay Rights]
___ Andrew Stout [Green]
___ John Talbot [Green]
___ Fred Wagner [Green]
___ Randy Toler [Green]
___ Lowell Mathes [Green]
___ Gail Baxter [Green]
___ Joshua-Paul Angell [Socialist, CPUSA]
___ Tanya Gates [Green Tea]
___ Jill Donka [Green Tea]
___ James Wyckoff Jr. [Green Tea]
___ Rocky Porep [Green-tea]
___ Jennifer Distler [Green Tea]
___ Dave Evans [Green Tea]
___ Amber Davies [Green Tea]
___ Anthony Parilli [Green Tea]
___ Steven Helkeman [Green Tea]
___ Linda Landis [Green Tea]
___ Jodie Jacobs [Green-Tea]
___ Jessica Rainberg [Green Tea]
___ Herman Birchfield [Green Tea]
___ Sam Revens [Green Teas]
___ Brenda Wychoff [Green Tea]
___ Kiara Jackson [Green Tea]
___ Chuck Jenson [Green Tea]
___ Andrew Davis [Green Tea]
___ Nancy Ericson [Green Tea]
___ Bree Saucedo [Green Tea]
___ Eric Cantique [Green Tea]
___ Kate O\'Toole [Green Tea]
___ Jason Roseder [Green Tea]
___ Uma Skelwitz [Green Tea]
___ Jorge Sanchez [Green Tea]
___ Junna Tahib [Green Tea]
___ Samantha Schneider [Green Tea]
___ Ed Fritz [Green Tea]
___ Cornyn Johns [Green Tea]
___ Robin Farcoski [Green Tea]
___ Jerry Hopkins [Green Tea]
___ Seth J. Jones [Green Tea]
___ Terry Martin [Green Tea]
___ Tamara Gates [Green Tea]
___ David Colins [Green Tea]
___ Liza Fontaine [Green Tea]
___ Jessica Angell [Green Tea]
___ Vanessa Sokol [Green Tea]
___ Roseanne Barr [Green Tea]
___ Earl Bagwell [Info. Not Avail.]
___ Jim Riley [Info. Not Avail.]
___ Zachary Cardinal [Info. Not Avail.]
___ Stuart Narlen [Info. Not Avail.]
___ Tyler Humber [Info. Not Avail.]
___ Charlotte Werner [Info. Not Avail.]
___ Carrie Gates [Info. Not Avail.]
___ Larry Eddington [Info. Not Avail.]
___ Diane Mercer [Info. Not Avail.]
___ Ben Kamet [Info. Not Avail.]
___ Patti Lober [Info. Not Avail.]
___ Bill Vertop [Info. Not Avail.]
___ Loretta Uchi [Info. Not Avail.]
___ Brando Wallace [Info. Not Avail.]
___ Marcie Cunningham [Info. Not Avail.]
___ George Tapanopoulas [Info. Not Avail.]
___ Stacy Kingsley [Info. Not Avail.]
___ Howard Feinberg [Info. Not Avail.]
___ Marla Rose [Info. Not Avail.]
___ Max Walberg [Info. Not Avail.]
___ Kevin Reggins [Info. Not Avail.]
___ Roger Skilling [Info. Not Avail.]
___ Adam Seder [Info. Not Avail.]
___ Dean Marsden [Info. Not Avail.]
___ Leigh Vanhorn [Info. Not Avail.]
___ Ellen Paige [Info. Not Avail.]
___ Katherine Toppins [Info. Not Avail.]
___ Adam Andrews [Info. Not Avail.]
___ Nancy Baldridge [Info. Not Avail.]
___ Brian Gameltree [Info. Not Avail.]
___ Adam Thompson [Info. Not Avail.]
___ Shelli Ali [Info. Not Avail.]
___ Paul Blenkle [Info. Not Avail.]
___ Michael Kostopoulas [Info. Not Avail.]
___ Joanne Yarbrough [Joshua-Paul Supporter]
___ Crystal Wyckoff [Joshua-Paul #8 with Roseanne]
___ Lauri Dext [Independent]
___ Arlene Frisk [I Want to Vote for Roseanne]
___ David L. Wetzell [LT Party Movement]
___ Norman Nithman [New]
___ Anesdy [Non-Party]
___ Allen McKinney [Open]
___ Bill Cruzen [Pot]
___ Jodi Sellers [Pot]
___ Christopher J. Oberman [Pot]
___ Sam Steffan [Pot]
___ Nina Gurnsey [Pot]
___ Ted Kuhn [Radical American Movement]
___ Chelsea Bush [Republican]
___ Tracy Pryhuber [Republican]
___ Fred Strauss [Republican]
___ Kevin Lewis [Republican]
___ Roberto Marrone [Republican]
___ Tom Clemens [Republican]
___ Ed Stancer [Republican]
___ Terry Gates [Roseanne]
___ Martha Cox [Roseanne]
___ Coco Lady Transman [Roseanne]
___ Gary Kuhn [Roseanne/JoshuaPaul]
___ Lori Dean [Roseannarchy]
___ Michael Baker [Socialist Party USA]
___ Jenny Petrie [Socialist]
___ Princess Hale [Tea]
___ Angie Quarner [Tree Hugger]
___ Chuck Gates [Voting for Joshua-Paul]
___ Nikita Washington [Winfreyism]

Self Appointment Form:
___ Yes, please appoint my name as a member of
parliament, the highest position available.

Name________________(write in)
Party/Category________________(write in)
State______ County____________ (write in)

<------cut here, email to vvc@usparliament.org------>

For paper ballot, corrections or more information:
Email: ps@usparliament.org
Telephone 415-686-1996

Optional: Voter registration form attached, not required, unless US citizen wishes to register to vote.