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All Party System Co. APS Co. Worker BoDs Eballot

Official Eballot Vote Online Now
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Simultaneously elects 10 APS Co. Worker Board of Directors (BoDs)

Directions to Voters

Please copy the eballot below, paste the eballot on an email message
addressed to vvc at allpartysystem dot org. Mark your choices and send.

Do not use X marks. Mark your choice(s) with numbers only.
Put the figure 1 beside your first choice, the figure 2 beside
your second choice, the figure 3 beside your third choice, and so on.
You may rank as many choices as you please. Do not put the same
figure beside more than one choice/name.

Copy, paste and email the marked eballot to the volunteer vote counters.
<------cut here, email to vvc at allpartysystem dot org------>

Rank - Candidate Name - Party/Category

___ _______________ _______________(write in)
___ _______________ _______________(write in)
___ _______________ _______________(write in)
___ Alan Reynolds [Whig/Reform]
___ Michel Tia [NWP]
___ Rocio Espaza [Pink]
___ Dawn Pierce [Pink]
___ Kouame Yao Jules [RHDP]
___ N'guessan Amoin Melanie [World]
___ Zamble Tra Arsene [World]
___ Jim Doyle [Republican]
___ Lakbir Singh Sokhi [Human Rights Activist]
___ Colia Clark [Green]

* Deadline for receiving marked eballot or paper
ballot is 2:15 pm on next official APS Co. board meeting.