Mid-West / Mid-West Rules

Elected Rules The Mid-West Super-state Parliament


1. THE CONSTITUTION: The US Parliament shall commit to following constitutional law, and works to restore constitutional law and limits on the government both nationally and in the states, and the executive committee is charged with setting forth votes concerning amendments to the present constitution to continually work to form a more perfect union. Any and all proposed amendments to be voted on and approved by all registered members of the US Parliament with a required majority vote are to be considered ratified. Hence the US Parliament will do what the present Federal Government refuses to do, which is to lead on a constitutional basis, and restore the true principles of a representative government with constitutional limits.

2. NO PARTY will recieve special treatment from the state government. All parties will be treated equally in ballots and any government function.

3. PAPER BALLOTS will be made confidential to the highest level possible. Choices marked on "eballots" are posted for public view and are not bound by confidentiality under the behavior of officers of the Parliament.

4. US CITIZENS ONLY: All adult voters must either reside within the United States of America, or be a US citizen residing outside the US. Violation of this or any other rule will automatically disqualify a ballot.

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