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Small Business Administration Rules

Rules Items Which Have Been Approved as of 1/4/2015

Accept Nominations (Approved 10/18/2013)
1. Nominated names for the ballot electing the Directors must be only names who accept/agree to be nominated.
* * *

Only Directors May Vote on Internal Rules (Approved 10/18/2013)
2. Only elected directors and ministers of the SBA Ministry may vote on the ministry's internal rules.
* * *

Only Directors Vote on Resolutions (Approved 10/18/2013)
3. Only elected Directors and Ministers of the Small Business Administration Ministry should be permitted to vote on resolutions put forth by the Ministry.
* * *

Only SBA Internal Rules Recognized (Approved 10/18/2013)
4. Only rules passed by the SBA Ministry itself will be recognized by the SBA Ministry, except for rules affecting the ministry that are passed by the U.S. Parliament or its executive committee. All rules passed by other ministries, or other external equal or subordinate entities, which seek to affect the SBA Ministry shall be considered null and void unless approved by the SBA Ministry itself.
* * *

Establishes Executive Committee (Approved 10/18/2013)
5. An executive committee of five members is hereby established, consisting of the minister, deputy minister, and three administrators. The three administrators are elected by directors and ministers of the Small Business Administration Ministry in an ongoing election. The highest ranking administrator shall be the Administrator; the second highest, Deputy Administrator; and the third highest, Associate Director. The ministry's executive committee of five shall have the authority to conduct business on behalf of the ministry, as authorized to do so within ministry rules or resolutions. Anybody may be elected as one of the three administrators, so long as they accept nomination, except for the minister and deputy minister who by virtue of their offices will already be holding a seat on the five member executive committee.
* * *

Provide Mailing Address for Shares (Approved 10/18/2013)
6. All Small Business Administration Directors and Ministers who provide their mailing address and contact information before July 5th of each year shall have the option to be awarded a voting share(s) on the business entity All Party System Co., if such shares are offered by the company. (Note: Additional requirements may be required to be a voting board of director on the All Party System Co. which will be clarified upon acceptance of such voting share.)
* * *

SBA Marketplace (Approved 1/4/2015)
7. The SBA Ministry shall create and maintain an SBA Marketplace web page to promote, advertise and support commerce among members of the U.S. Parliament and All-Party Sytem communities.

Businesses will be ranked by directors, administrators and ministers of the SBA Ministry on a separate Marketplace ballot. Only businesses that employ or are owned by members of the U.S. Parliament, its ministries or the All-Party System company (collectively these members herein defined as the "marketplace community") are eligible for the Marketplace ballot, and the business must offer a product or service that can be sold and purchased.

Products or services offered by the parliament, ministries or company entities themselves may also be listed on the ballot and promoted. Each business shall be listed on the ballot only as follows: [Name of business. One sentence description of products or services offered by the business. Name or person who owns or is employed by business, followed by that person's highest ranking position within the U.S Parliament, its ministries or All-Party System company (any position within the parliament and its ministries shall be considered higher ranking than a position in the company); or, in the case of a product or service offered by the parliament, its ministries, or the All Party System Company, the entity selling the product or service will be listed instead of an individual.

Optional link to a website where the described product or service may be purchased.]. The SBA executive committee shall be responsible for overseeing the Marketplace ballot and web page, ensuring that individuals associated with ballot items are members of the marketplace community as defined above.

In the condition that an individual no longer belongs to the marketplace community, whether by resignation, death, voting or by other means, then the SBA Ministry Administrator or Deputy Administrator, or any other two members of the executive committee may disqualify the business(es) associated with that individual from the marketplace ballot and web page.

All disqualifications shall be recorded and posted along with the reason for disqualification. If a disqualification is made in error, then three members of the executive committee may reinstate the disqualified business into the marketplace, and the reinstatement will also be recorded and posted.

The SBA Ministry shall promote and advertise businesses of the marketplace on a rotating basis, through a variety of its own communication methods, as much as is reasonably possible.

Should this rule phase out of standing and then phase back in standing, then the Marketplace ballot shall resume in the same draft as it last appeared before this rule phased out of standing.
* * *

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