SBA Ministry / SBA Mission Statement

USA Small Business Administration Ministry Minister Benjamin Meiklejon [Green Independent]

Deputy Small Business Administration Minister Howard Hauling [Roseannearchist]

Small Business Administration Mission Statement

The Small Business Administration (SBA) Ministry of the United States of America Parliament is committed to end the economic and social dominance of large national and multi-national corporations, terminate corporate welfare and create policy that supports small business and the entrepreneur.

The SBA Ministry is determined to change United States of America government policy to reflect the corporation as equal to the individual and believes that it is the responsibility of the SBA Ministry to direct policy that provides all business entities (the individual) the same rights and responsibilities.

The SBA Ministry supports the use of small business to promote community and economic development, business opportunities, promotion of co-operative and worker-owned businesses, and to promote small business and develop innovative models for piloting the successful implementation of small businesses and their role in the larger community.

The SBA Ministry holds as its values the desire to adhere to high quality standards that address the needs of small business and create a cooperative working alliance with current US Government Policy makers, to represent all constituents in a transparent manner in-line with the core values of the SBA Ministry and it's parent partner the US Parliament and to advise and guide the parliament in policy proposals that could serve to both improve conditions for the small businesses of our nation and remove barriers and obstacles to their success.

We additionally hold as core values the quest for economic justice, stability, the creation of strong local economies and regional trade.