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USA Small Business Administration Ministry

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Passed on 6/7/2013

Whereas the United States imposes a self-employment tax on individuals who choose to establish their own means of earning a living, and

Whereas the amount of self-employment tax as a percentage of overall income far surpasses the proportion of income that is typically taxed through payroll taxes on individuals who work for other employers, and

Whereas the discrepancy between the amounts that self-employed persons and other employees are taxed creates an unfair disadvantage to self-employed persons who are trying to create a sustainable income and economy with which to make a living, then

Be it hereby resolved that it shall be the official position of the Ministry of Small Business Administration that any self-employment tax rate imposed by the U.S. Government shall never surpass the percentage of income that is likewise applied as the payroll tax for employed individuals, and

Furthermore be it resolved that this resolution immediately be forwarded to the Ministry of IRS, Ministry of Economics and the Executive Board of the U.S. Parliament for action and synchronization.
* * *

Passed on 6/9/2013

Be it hereby resolved that the Minister of the SBA will organize through vote or appointment a 5 member subcommittee to research, conduct a Force Field analysis, identify potential USG Representative supporters/sponsors, write a bill for submission to the USG Congress and to be forwarded to the USP for approval and submission; a law demanding the immediate labeling of any product containing genetically modified ingredients or food sources (GMO's) and that this labeling should be consistent with the "black box" warning system already in use by the USG FDA.

Be it further resolved that this committee shall be formed within 10 business days of the passing of this resolution and that the above mentioned initial report shall be completed to draft format and submitted to the Minister within 30 days after that.

It is also resolved that the Minister of the SBA will work with, or appoint a representative to work with the USP/APS developing an internet publicity campaign designed to solicit volunteerism and promote awareness including building a voter coalition, building a coalition with other stake holders and promoting regional economies through supporting local agri-business from the grower to the consumer. This internet campaign will be ready to launch within 10 days of the SBA's issuance of it's draft report and should be designed to last 30-45 days.

Be it resolved that it is the mandate of the USP SBA to work closely with the USG to assure consumer safety and support local businesses and economies by demanding the immediate labeling of these products so that consumers may make informed choices.

Be it resolved that within 60-75 days of the passing of this resolution, it is the goal of the USP SBA that it will have a bill regarding this matter before the USG.
* * *