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Welcome to the SBA Ministry

Updated By James Ogle on 8/26/2016

Everything around here is powered by ranked choice voting (RCV).

RCV is when you elect names or decisions by ranking them #1, #2, #3, etc. (See rule #1 in the parliament's rules/bylaws).

That's the fuel that makes us go. You may browse around the Small Business Administration Ministry and see many of the RCV votes that have been cast and recorded.


SBA Minister and Deputy Minister - "Bring your team."

New set of policies are being designed and developed.

Our priority is to get all the Cabinet Ministries from both the USA and International Parliaments set up with email addresses starting with the USA Parliament's Small Business Administration Ministry.

Each Ministry:
Full and Deputy Minister
50 Directors
10 Senators

--James Ogle [Republican]
The UCC: