Int Min / Int Min Job Discription

Interior Ministry Job Description

Job Description for the USA Parliament's Interior Ministry (9/20/2013)

The job description of the Interior Ministry of the
USA Parliament is to promote, protect, verify and
validate the use of the Sainte-Lague Parliament seat
distribution system for all elected USA Parliaments
and subsidiary parliaments, as well all entities who
have any dealings with the USA Parliament and
to conduct risk management assessments for it.

That includes the twelve population balanced super-states
and the subsidiary twelve population balanced mini-states.

No current state or county recognized boundaries are breached
regardless of the populations of those counties. However county
micro-state parliaments may vary in population until the
boundaries can be changed by the actual elected governments.

Each and every county in the USA will be organized, promoted
and considered micro-state parliaments, but only the counties
which are not already mini-states will be organized, designated
and promoted as micro-state parliaments.

The Interior Minister (AKA Int Min) will
help facilitate the continual improvement and
the development of the over-populated counties (such as Los
Angeles County California as an example) by helping to
implement an orderly system for making all twelve mini-states
within every super-state parliament into population balanced
regions, and the mathematical balance will always be
a goal, and pure proportional representation (PR) will
always be required.

Any place where the Sainte-Lague parliament seat distribution
system is not used, i.e. any region where a USA state, county,
territory, foreign country and all other entities both at home
and abroad, will be criticized by the Interior ministry,
unless a more mathematically perfect system can be proven to be

This includes all political parties, businesses and independent

Should the Interior Minister or any Deputy Interior Minister
within the USA Parliament stray from the job description as
described by these articles set forth, then a new Interior
Minister will be elected by the USA Parliament's executives
and no job reference will be provided for the defrocked minister.
* * *