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James Ogle's First Presidential Speech 3/4/2012

Article in Missorian

Ogle wins 52.7% in Missouri state Libertarian Party primary

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My name is James Orlando Ogle 111 and I ran for president of the
United States of America with the Libertarian Party in 2012 because I support the
Libertarian Party's philosophy of the non initiation of force, smaller
government, increased liberty and I had wanted to promote these very
worthy concepts to the American people and help transform the USA
through free speech rights and ballot access.

A Quick Story Followed by the Plan

As one of the founders of the USA Parliament, a political organization which received recognition
by the Federal Elections Commission on August 1st, 1995, I've been maintaining
and promoting political unity activities as a political voter registration drive
every year for more than eighteen consecutive years.

Harry Browne [Libertarian] Elected

In the first election held in Usenet in 1994, Honorable Harry Browne [Libertarian]
was elected #1 in the election because many Libertarians across the country voted for him.

Several election cycles and four years later in October of 1997, a student
at Stanford University whose name I believe is Sergie Brin,
discovered our activities on Deja News Usenet (now named Google Groups) by
searching with his then unnamed search engine program and asked; "What is a joogle?".

Joogle was my email address and personal logo when I was first posting in Usenet about
the USA Parliament and ranked choice voting (joogle@netcom.com), starting in 1993.

Someone typed a reply; "I don't know what a joogle is, but a google is a number."

About one week later Sergie Brin came back to Usenet and
announced that he had named his search engine "google.com".

Because of that moment in time, Sergie Brin misspelled the word googol,
which is the actual spelling of the number.

That didn't hurt Google's business and may have actually helped to kick-start
Google's success because the parliament had been like the "juice" that
the no-name program needed.

However a week after Google.com was registered, my antagonist Cameron Spitzer
of the Green Party emailed Sergie Brin and asked him to direct any search
traffic about proportional representation away from my sight and Brin complied.
That particular act probably pretty much kept us off the map for more than a decade.

The funny sound of my logo "Joogle" was a cool idea to immitate, and at that time in
Usenet the parliament represented a cutting edge concept; voting for a virtual
parliament through ranked choice voting.

I was in a debate with computer scientists around the world, and we were
seeing the attitudes of peoples' writings change from violent revolution
to peaceful voting systems revolutions.

Google's "page rank" program, artistic applications to the logo and cost free nature
may have also been influenced by the US Parliament project, although
in the first ten years Google search could not locate the usparliament.org
web site, and traffic towards the words "parliament" and/or "parliamentary" was instead
directed to the various Robert's Rules of Order sites which became high profile.

Robert's Rules of Order uses mostly plurality voting and single winner election
systems, and so a lot of energy, time and money has been invested in methods
which end up dysfunctional and exclusionary while being labeled "parliamentary".

After all these years I am still struggling to get my message out, but meanwhile my
name has become a multi-billion dollar gateway. I would like to capitalize on that
somehow, so I thought I'd run for president and/or vice president.
* * *

About My Campaign

My campaign for US president and/or vice president has one main purpose and goal which is
to create harmony, peace and order for all US citizens, through the most
mathematical and advanced voting system known since the mid-1800s, the
Sainte-Lague parliament seat distribution system under ranked choice voting.

The Sainte-Lague system can give every voter the liberty to self categorize under
any party/category they wish without penalty. This needed free speech reform would
help inform the voter inside the voting booth, with a word by the nominee's name
while on the ballot, at the very moment when the name is being considered for a vote.

To attain this goal I am trying to access the ballot with the Libertarian Party and
help the Libertarian Party to improve their voting system away from their
current system where they use a single-winner district to nominate a US president
to one of a 1000-member district, where #1 is president and #2 is vice president, and
the elected names #3 to #1000 are consecutively ranked equal units on one large team,
with all additional consecutively ranked names as back-ups.

The problem with the current system that the Libertarian Party uses is that in
a single-winner district, the presidential candidate is trying to present
himself/herself as the absolute best person, better than anyone else. (Rather snobbish.)

By electing two or more (1000?) names instead of just one, the multi-winner district becomes
a team event, and the president and vice president are working together as consecutively
ranked names in a team of 1000, with plenty of additional consecutively ranked names
(#1001, #1002, #1003, etc.) elected as back-ups, with stacks of marked ballots kept
as proof. The prez/vice prez have two votes on this team, but the rest of the team has
998 votes on the team. The team being a national "All Party System (and independents)"
which will be representing all Americans as a unity coalition and political alternative.

Year after year, the Libertarian Party elects a presidential candidate who
must sell the Libertarian Party to the voters as the only party with a
viable candidate. But I want to sell the Libertarian Party as a team, who
works with all partisans and independents, based on votes cast as proof.

I want to project conciliatory language to all parties and independents, and a
guarantee of majority rule (50% plus one vote) on all decisions, where everyone's
name has both an equal chance to participate and an equal chance to elect their
own name and/or someone else' name to represent their interests.

Under this voting system literally hundreds of alternative candidates
and/or decisions can be nominated and voted on as quickly as all of the
participants can rank the choices in order; #1, #2, #3, etc. And the best
candidates and most innovative ideas can be approved by simple majority,
with all the items and/or names garnering the greatest support elected
as the highest ranked item/name in consecutive order.

This system can be used to reduce the federal budget because everyone's
ideas can be ranked and elected with 50% plus one of the total votes
cast, and then the total budget can be reduced by calibrating the results
down lower across the board equally, where every item will be affected proportionately,
thus gaining the support of all those involved.

A Guarantee for Gender Balance

Should 2/3rds of the voters alternate genders as their #1 and #2 choice,
then mathematically the 2/3rds are guaranteed to elect their top female and top male
(or visa versa) for president and vice president under ranked choice voting
in the Sainte-Lague parliament seat distribution system.

We can now guarantee that when this is done, #1 and #2 will be elected as president/vice
presidential candidates, and whomever the 2/3rds ranks from the many choices
will be elected president and vice president be they female or male.

When the voters of the USA Parliament and other national party's voting systems use this
single parliamentary ballot, they'll end up with the same voting results. This can be
implemented across all party lines and can also include independents.

While standing as a Libertarian presidential candidate, I am asking that you please
consider voting for your "opposite gender #1". All male voters are asked to consider ranking
the top female as #1 and the top male (my name?) as #2, and female voters are asked to please
consider ranking the top male (my name?) as #1 and their top female choice as #2.

If you like my ideas, but prefer another male candidate as a higher choice than my name,
then please consider giving my name a lower ranked tic such as #3, #4, #5, etc. Thanks.

I am offering to "stand down" in order to elect the right complementary candidates,
probably one female and one male (or visa versa), from all the names on the team.

Of course the ranked choice voting system can also result in the election of two females or two males
when the 2/3rds majority prefers the same gender. Whatever the 2/3rds majority votes for
is guaranteed to be the results under the Sainte-Lague parliament
seat distribution system. The mathematics are exact, based on the ballots
cast and kept as proof and kept for your verification and validation.

We will elect, not just a coalition partner who is not neccasarily from the same political party,
but a "unity coalition" with multiple parties (and independents) working together
as a team of 1000, with our #1 as the candidate for president and our #2 as the candidate for vice
president. There will be 1000 possible categories (and independents) including Democratic
AND Republican Party members on our team depending who is ranked, and depending on the order
in which they were ranked, and it's not even connected to the "real" elections.

In other words, in the parliament you may self-categorize as you wish with no penalty,
regardless of how you're registered with the state. You have your reasons for how
you register in your own state and we respect that choice.
* * *

Team Solutions

These are the main reasons why I am running for US president. To unite all
voters, partisans and independents under an All Party System (and independents)
so that all the voters and ideas can be part of the TEAM in finding solutions.

There are many questions that confront Americans. I think this plan will usher
in a new economic and social renascence simply by using a single parliamentary ballot.

The concepts of the non initiation of force and more
liberty will also be promoted as part of a general plan
to help promote the Libertarian Party's philosophy for peace
and prosperity, and the 1000 elected names will all be the
team members throughout the campaign and potential term in office.

Thank you very much for reading my announcement for US president, and I
look forward to working with you, and as many additional voters as possible,
on this plan. I hope you'll now nominate your own name to the team.

Consdering the fact that according to Wikipedia, the executive banch of the
US Government currently employs more than 1,700,000 employess, the election
of our team of 1000 will be a significant reduction in the size and scope
of the executive branch, and so small government activists might approve.
* * *

Please Sign Up to the Team Now

Be sure to sign up to the team by clicking the "Sign Up" tab on the top of this
web page. There you may indicate what the party/category you'd like to be
categorized under in the fantasy parliament (not connected to "real"
elections), and you may indicate which level, region or Ministry you'd like
your name to participate. Multiple levels/regions are encouraged,
until we reach saturation point in that level/region in the USA Parliament.

Thanks again, and I look forward to being on YOUR team, to build the kind of
team we all want, and to transform our country to a new higher level of
mathematical perfection.

Very truly yours,

--James Ogle for US President
Go Ogle 2016