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Electing "Wish List Staff Nominees"

Electing the Cabinet Using the Parliamentary Go-Ahead

The parliamentary go-ahead means that the executives in an elected entity give the approval in advance in the election of all new nominees who are nominated by the other executives on the committee.

Once the majority (50% plus one) of executives give the "parliamentary go-ahead" to elect all new nominees with their own #1 ranking (tic), then whenever any executive nominates a new name, the name is automatically given a #1 across the board by all those executives.

That's because the majority of executives had all agreed to give the new nominee a #1 tic, and the new nominees needs only a minimum of three or more of the five executives votes.

Once the parliamentary go-ahead is given, then the execs can take turns nominating new names. As all new names get elected in consecutive order, the top name (#1) on the list is moved down one spot to #2 and the new name is at the top spot. As each new name is elected, the process continues.

The parliamentary go-ahead may be withdrawn at anytime by each executive, but as long as at least 3/5ths approved giving new nominees a #1 tic, then the new nominees continue to be elected immediately.

One executive may elect one or more names in consecutive order as long as the parliamentary go-ahead is in effect.

The parliamentary go-ahead allows for one executive to do all the nominating, and there is no slow down while waiting for approvals of the newer nominee(s) being elected because the parliamentary go-ahead is like prior approval.

The #1 figure given to new nominees across the board gives the nominee the #1 spot, but when numbers are mixed for the candidates, the rankings (tics) of all executives are averaged and the order of placement gets affected accordingly, gets averaged, and then re-ranked consecutively after the newer order is established.

For easy web page design, it's best to have several Cabinet Ministers names submitted at one time than it is for a series of nominations submitted one by one.

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