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 Post subject: Special Bulletin 3/4/2011
PostPosted: Fri Mar 04, 2011 7:39 am 
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To: Prime Minister Roseanne Barr [Green Tea]
Prime Minister Gail Lightfoot [Libertarian]
Prime Minister Chelene Nightingale [Constitution]
Secretary Jacob Covich [Catholic Trotskyist]
Cc: All Voters and Non Voters
From: Secretary James Ogle [Free Parliamentary]
Subject: USA-PAR: Special Bulletin 3/4/2011

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Special Announcement!

1. PLAS: How 50% Plus One Vote Unjustly Defeats Larger Majority of 91.6% Plus One Vote
2. PacificNW Super-state Parliament Election Likely to Take Place in 2011
* * *

1. PLAS: How 50% Plus One Vote Unjustly Defeats Larger Majority of 96% Plus One Vote

How Does a 96% (24/25ths) PLAS Majority Lose at Libertarian Party (LP) Convention?
(PLAS=progressive libertarian alliance strategy)

By James Ogle [Free Parliamentary]

Stop the Tyranny of the Segregating Homogenizers!

The LP’s rules state that the presidential and vice presidential candidates will be chosen at their national convention in Las Vegas Nevada in May of 2012 by using preference voting, i.e. ranking names with “tics” #1, #2, #3, #4, etc., etc.

That’s where the first candidate that receives a majority tics (50% plus one vote) wins. When no name has 50% plus one vote, the names with fewer tics are eliminated one at a time (rounds), and the voters’ next choices on the marked ballots are single transferred to the next highest ranked name round by round, until a winner has 50% plus one vote and is the elected presidential candidate.

The process is repeated for vice president.

How can it happen that a 24/25ths PLAS majority (96%) plus twenty-four votes of the Libertarian Party’s conventioneers’ voters *LOSE* to a smaller majority of 50% plus one vote?

In the following imaginary example, the majority of voters who might support the 96%’s names/interest groups could be based on anything: liberty to self-categorize, gender, PLAS, liberal vs conservative, Reagan Libertarian, Bush Libertarian or Gingrich Libertarian vs Anarchist/Left Libertarian, libertarian Constitutionalist, American Libertarian, Paul Libertarian, Green Libertarian, etc., etc.


Say 5% plus one vote preferred Mary J. Ruwart [Libertarian], 5% plus one vote preferred libertarian Chelene Nightingale [Constitution], 5% plus one vote preferred libertarian Roseanne Barr [Green Tea] for president, 5% plus one vote preferred Libertarian Girl [Libertarian], 5% plus one vote preferred libertarian Dashas Christ [Rose-anarchist], 5% plus one vote preferred libertarian Dizzy Loo [Constitutional Monarchist], 5% plus one vote preferred libertarian Angela Keaton [Ordinary Anarchist], 5% plus one vote preferred libertarian Vanessa Moreley [Defender of the Republic] and 4% plus one vote preferred libertarian Stephanie Burns [Republican] . Total: 49% plus nine votes.

For vice president 8% plus one vote preferred James Burns [Libertarian], 8% plus one vote preferred libertarian Robert Milnes [Left Anarchist], 3% plus one vote preferred Bruce Cohen [Libertarian], 2% plus one vote preferred Lee Wrights [Libertarian], 2% plus one vote preferred libertarian James Ogle [Free Parliamentary], 2% plus one vote preferred Christine Smith [Libertarian], 2% plus one vote preferred Gail Lightfoot [Libertarian], 2% plus one vote preferred George Phillies [Libertarian], 2% plus one vote preferred Charles Bruce Stewart [Green Libertarian], 2% plus one vote preferred Kevin Clark [Green Libertarian], 2% plus one vote preferred libertarian Casey Campbell [Green], 2% plus one vote preferred Cory Nott [Libertarian], 2% plus one vote preferred David Bell [Commonwealth], 2% plus one vote preferred Mark Hinkle [Libertarian], 2% plus one vote preferred Darryl Perry [Boston Tea], 2% plus one vote preferred Jim Doyle [Republican], and 2% plus one vote preferred David Olkkola [Democratic].

Total: 47% plus seventeen votes.

Pretend they and their supporters all deplored Wayne Root [Libertarian] and their voters did not give Root or any lower rankings at all, but Wayne Root [Libertarian] does have 50% plus one vote support, when all other non-PLAS candidates are eliminated.

Of course, there were other candidates that weren't on the same page or plan, but they aren't included here for simplicity.

So, that’s a total of 49% plus nine votes for a female for president.

And all the PLAS candidates total 47% plus seventeen votes for vice president.

Add up the total of the voters’ tics, and that makes the grand total 96% plus twenty-five votes, well over a 24/25ths (or 96%) majority for the PLAS team.

That’s a total of 96% plus twenty-five votes who did not want Root, a male for president, nor a non-PLAS candidate for president or vice president.

But when all the votes are counted, Root wins prez with 50% plus one vote because in round one, all the female candidates for president each lost with 2% plus one vote each, and in the rounds that followed, as each of their names were eliminated one by one, and the voters’ 2nd, 3rd and 4th (and so on) choices of preference ranked tics are single transferred (STV or single transferable vote) to the other female candidates for president, all nine female candidates lost the president’s spot with a combined 49% plus nine votes.

Female PLAS loses president.

So now it’s the election for vice president for the 24/25ths plus twenty-five voters who wanted a female in a PLAS coalition and they must regroup, but none actually wants to be Root’s VP candidate. The female for president PLAS plan is half broken because Root is not a female and he’s not for PLAS.

And all the pro-PLAS voters have to change their strategy and get aligned between the twenty-five PLAS candidates in order to at least win a VP spot (provided the twenty-five of the PLAS slate don’t stand down or walk out in protest, as their wishes and the 96% plus twenty-five votes of the conventioneers’ wishes for PLAS are being defeated).

But the teams are fragmented when the new vote takes place, Root gets the extra time for his usual slander* against the opposition.

*See rules for elected presidential candidate’s free speech time before VP debate/election and see Root’s usual patterns of slanderous language.

Being unsure, a few of the convention’s voters forget to rank all twenty-five candidates as a team of alternatives for some reason, maybe they're still not working with the male for PLAS president team, and/or else maybe other outsiders draw a few votes.

It’s a twenty-five-way split, and as each name is eliminated and the STV transferred in each round, no one PLAS candidate gets 50% plus one vote. One of the PLAS names does end up with less than 50% of the total votes.

Again they are defeated by the anti-PLAS team .

So the Root choice (another male?) for vice president wins with 50% plus one.
* * *

In sum, a much bigger majority of 96% (24/25ths) plus twenty-five votes, bigger than the 50% plus one vote required by current rules, *wanted* PLAS, a gender balanced or all-female slate and not Root at all costs, but they lost everything.

PLAS got nothing.

The two single winner districts allowed for Root to walk away with both seats.
* * *

Like it? Won’t you please help elect the PLAS coalition? Nominate YOUR name (or someone to represent you) now:
* * *

2. PacificNW Super-state Parliament Election Likely to Take Place in 2011

The PacificNW Super-state Parliament's (ss12) nominations have reached 94
members and are climbing quickly to 100 appointments (see below).

The 8th USA Parliament can easily conduct two elections this year in 2011,
and elect the new PacificNW Super-state Parliament (ss12), and this is a
unique opportunity for a secretarial type of a person to gain training as
the USA Parliament "makes like a cell and divides", and conducts two
elections simultaneousely this year.

If anyone is interested in the PacificNW election project, please phone or
email this author James Ogle at 415-686-1996 ASAP to start learning how to
take over secretarial responsabilities for ss12. The ballot preparation
and everything will be done for you, but you will at least need your name nominated
to eventually make sure your name gets elected as secretary or prime minister.
* * *

The current 94 nominees for member of super-state parliament (MSPs) are:

PacificNW Super State Parliament Circuit #12
Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, North Dakota, Oregon, South
Dakota, Washington and Wyoming

Mike Hunt [Alaskan Independence], Brent Mooneyham [Independent], Jerrett
Crews [Party], Zambla [None], Diane Wehman [Info. Not Avail.], Emory
Rogers [Hemp], Alfred Keys Allen [Info. Not Avail.], Marcellius Smith
[Parliament], Amanda R. [Green], Paul Go [Green], Mary Kelsen [Pot], Kieth
Ray Elam [Forever], Charles Bruce Stewart [Green Libertarian], Megan Ross
[Pot], Frank Skroh [Libertarian], Anthony Zenobi [Libertarian], Craig
Groves [Democratic], Peter Stone [Democratic], Barbara Whitt [Democratic],
Christopher Rose [Christian Falangist], Grady Brown [Independent], John
Richardson [Independent], Philip Noriega [Labor], Jeffrey Beaman
[Marijuana], Travis Johnson [Pot], Mike Malchant [Republican], Shawn
Nichols [Socialist], Dylan Wiles [Socialist], Mike Jones [Republican],
Evil Dude [Pot], Quinton Price [Anarchist], James Nelson [National
Veterans Freedom], Vincent Portulano [Democratic], Kevin Clark [Green
Libertarian], Jennifer Pentland [Info. Not Avail.], Becky Richardson
[Info. Not Avail.], Helen Barr [Info. Not Avail.], Geraldine Barr [Info.
Not Avail.], Brandi Brown [Info. Not Avail.], Jessica Oronoz [Info. Not
Avail.], Marcia Ray [Info. Not Avail.], Ruth Mccartney [Info. Not Avail.],
Angie Mccartney [Info. Not Avail.], Lauren Korba [Info. Not Avail.], Cathy
Bilsky [Info. Not Avail.], DJ Tenn. [Info. Not Avail.], Lisa Clampitt
[Green Tea], Tina Fay [Info. Not Avail.], Robert Greenwald [Info. Not
Avail.], Cathy Obrien [Info. Not Avail.], Mark Phillips [Info. Not
Avail.], Dr.Colin Ross [Info. Not Avail.], Noam Chomsky [Info. Not
Avail.], Scott Pelligrino [Info. Not Avail.], Randy Credico [Info. Not
Avail.], Madea Benjamin [Info. Not Avail.], Yehuda Berg [Info. Not
Avail.], Jim Cortez [Info. Not Avail.], Blossom Eaglefeather [Info. Not
Avail.], Alice Walker [Info. Not Avail.], Laura Wells [Green], Gary G.
Kreep [Info. Not Avail.], Michael "Savage" Weiner [Info. Not Avail.], Todd
M. Palin [Info. Not Avail.], Roy Moore [Info. Not Avail.], Sheriff Mack
[Info. Not Avail.], Barry Goldwater Jr. [Info. Not Avail.], Tom Tancredo
[Constitution], Chuck Baldwin [Constitution], Bob Barr [Libertarian],
Virgil Goode [Constitution], Starchild [Libertarian], Randy Eshelman
[Libertarian], Sam Goldstein [Libertarian], Doug Craig [Libertarian],
Jerome Corsi [Constitution], Darrell Castle [Constitution], Mary Starrett
[Constitution], Ed Vallejo [Libertarian], Bruce Majors [Libertarian], Matt
Cholko [Libertarian], Bruce Cohen [Libertarian], Libertarian Girl
[Libertarian], Teri Owens [Constitution], Janine Hansen [Constitution],
Mary Hunt [Info. Not Avail.], Jane Caputi [Info. Not Avail.], JZ Knight
[Info. Not Avail.], Jane Fonda [Info. Not Avail.], Colleen Camp [Info. Not
Avail.], Alana Stewart [Info. Not Avail.], Joan Dangerfield [Info. Not
Avail.], Cher [Info. Not Avail.] and Dessa Jacobson [Green]

Updated on 3/3/2012
94 Total
* * *

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*Volunteer Beta Testers Wanted*
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