World Consciousness Party / World Consciousness Party Platfrom

World Consciousness Party Platform


THE CONSCIOUSNESS PARTY is for people who want to be conscious of the Natural Laws and Ways of their personal Life-force energy to live more consciously and create a more conscious world. It's about decisions that regenerate us or degenerate us. Unconscious decisions age and degenerate us over time. Conscious people know that consciousness is the only elegant solution to human problems (since only consciousness allows us to make conscious, regenerative decisions).

The Consciousness Party embodies a natural human movement (whose time has come) of Spirits seeking energetic Truth to raise personal and human consciousness with more refined concepts to more clearly define the bigger picture of Natural Laws/Ways of human energetic Reality. This will allow us to see and know a much more complete view of Who we are and how we function to consciously enhance human evolvement.

CONSCIOUSNESS is what makes conscious decisions possible by being able to consciously know and follow regenerative actions in our moments of power. Acting from conscious foresight allows us to know and follow the Natural Laws/Ways of Life-force energy ahead of the curves of unconscious reactive decisions that create a drag on our Spirit Life-force energy flow of perceptions/expressions.

Being CONSCIOUS of Who We Are as Spirit Life-force energy - living in a physical world (a body of physical-emotional-mental organ/gland functions of Spirit Life-force energy) allows us to learn how to maintain regenerative Life-force energies that sustain our personal powers to live life productively. We are designed to regenerate our inner human organ/gland systems and our outer world systems for governing ourselves in a regenerative manner.

Being UNCONSCIOUS of the Natural Laws/Ways of energy misaligns us from effectively using nature's Master Plan to regenerate us by aligning with Natural Laws.

UNCONSCIOUSNESS about our conscious Ways of Regeneration does not give us a conscious choice to evolve! Unconscious fear based choices reactively take over and degenerate us by defensively reversing the flow of our Natural Laws and Ways of regeneration. This resistance creates heat/degeneration from 'drag' on our organ/gland energy circuits - creating a drag on our spontaneous flow of personal powers.

This resistant drag from unconscious memory slows our progressing ability, which creates disorder, dysfunction, degeneration and disease in major organ systems. This eventually causes death from drag on our Life-force energy flow, which degenerates our essential organ/gland Life-force energy powers.

CONSCIOUSNESS for how our organ/gland energy vehicle functions - is the first step to being able to access and utilize our immense innate personal powers. These powers allow us to clearly perceive our organ/gland feeling messages spontaneously and process their functions in our 'moments of power' by aligning conscious actions with our Natural regenerative Laws/Ways of Spirit Life-force energy.

CONSCIOUS alignment with the Laws and Ways of organ/gland Spirit Life-Force energy - is what solves our problems and regenerates us by clearly perceiving, processing and expressing our truth effectively.

When Spirits do this, they all get smarter (more evolved and more refined in their consciousness) about energetic Reality - which creates Self Mastery. This is what 'The Consciousness Party' is all about - doing, promoting and providing more conscious ways of living while being Who We Really Are as Spirits!

'THE CONSCIOUSNESS PARTY' PLATFORM aligns with the regenerative Natural Laws and Ways that create and provide healthy sustainable political, legal and educational practices for living consciously in alignment with energetic Reality. Our conscious alignment with energetic Reality allows 'We The People' (as humans) to become more conscious of Who we Are and how we function so we may govern ourselves according to these Natural (descriptive) Laws for how energy works (and always has)!

Having the consciousness to govern ourselves consciously enlightens people so they may access and utilize these Laws/Ways of personal powers to have conscious and effective political structures and systems that reinforce, enable and maintain regenerative living in a world of conscious humans.

LIVING CONSCIOUSLY avoids the problems of 'living unconsciously' from unconscious, reactive decisions that de-generate our present by re-living triggered associations of past trauma memories that create 'drag' on our energy flow as directed by unconscious fears that can often take over our decisions.

Without being consciously ahead of this daily energy game (called life) trouble is always only one unconscious reaction away from potential disaster! Consciousness for how Life's energy game works combined with a great sense of humor for 'accepting Reality' is our saving grace. However, it is still a narrow straight path of delivering the right dose at the right time. This skill is essential to save our Self from being reactively sucked into the dark ways of thinking and acting that degenerate our Life-force energy.

EXPRESSION of our truth is our key to health. But, in order for expression to be effective and productive it must be acceptable and believable. To do this, we must learn to perform our truth clearly, quickly and appropriately to effectively sustain regenerative Life-forces with our Spirit's ways of expressing each organ's emotional function. Expressions must be heard so we may see who responds to our truth - and act accordingly. Spirit solutions come from knowing and following the ways to regenerative solutions.

Consciously connecting with your own Body's Natural Innate Feeling Language is what allows humans to connect with their own energetic Reality clearer and quicker. This allows for better personal solutions quicker, which will allow us to live in a more conscious and regenerative world sooner.

Would You like to become more conscious? Join 'THE CONSCIOUSNESS PARTY' (after seeing if You qualify). Because if you are not qualified, not only will consciousness not work for you, it will affect every party you join. First, You must assess your Self and decide IF You can qualify by consciously aligning with the BASIC first steps for being worthy and capable of becoming conscious of the Natural Laws of human energetic Reality.

So, if you want to become more conscious, for your own benefit as well as for the benefit of others, you must be able to agree with and align with 3 essential attitudes to avoid restricting your ability to become conscious of the Laws and Ways of energy that will create a more conscious world. Here are the 3 basic guidelines:


1. First You must be willing and able to question everything you 'think you know' about the nature of energetic Reality - so You may be open to new and more clearly refined concepts/perceptions of Reality.

Classical physics was stuck for many years in their quest for Truth about energetic Reality until quantum concepts were introduced, which not only matched previously unexplained happenings - but also empowered science to create space travel and the entire field of electronics. This only happened because a person was willing and able to suspend everything they thought they knew about how Reality works (taught by classical physics) and intuit backward from the evidence to create new concepts of more refined, subtle quantum forms of energetic Reality that nobody else had ever talked about.

2. Second, You must be willing/able to feel Safe and worthy of Love to be able to seek Love and follow Light spontaneously - so your Spirit may feel free to make conscious decisions and actions.

Only by feeling Safe and worthy of Love is one ever FREE to BE Who We Are (without the fear of feeling unsafe and unworthy of Love).

3. Third, You must act from Love and with Light to dance between the raindrops with those who 'know not what they do' - but often 'think they do' from their poverty of conscious concepts.

This is where we must dance between Love and Light with a great sense of cosmic humor to avoid reacting to others' "not knowing" - or engaging in their negative energy consciousness (which perpetuates the problem and prevents the solution). We must dance between the raindrops here - or we will quickly get wet! Performing our truth is danced on a fine line of grace with the right dose of wit, wisdom and charm with proper timing of our personal powers so we can express our truth effectively.

IF You Qualify to become conscious - Sign up below and we'll inform you of THE CONSCIOUSNESS PARTY functions to allow You to become more conscious to Be Who You Are to better fulfill your life.

If you don't qualify - but You would like to become more conscious (about your Self to help gain enough personal power to get out of reactive fear and be able to qualify to become conscious) - Sign up also!

If you don't qualify and are not interested in becoming more aware of your Light and the energetic Reality of Living in a more conscious world - know that these are the prevailing characteristics of fear/trauma memory creating 'drag' on our Spirit Life-force energy flow to unconsciously enslave and control you.

This drag on our Life-force comes from the memories of trauma and fear that unconsciously and reactively direct us in the ways of darkness. These dark ways of power that 'drag on' us have no use for the Light of Truth (except to own it or use it to deceive and manipulate others for dragon self interest). These dragon memories are the reactive masters of darkness that are completely defensive in nature. Their defensiveness limits their powers to the 5 ways of darkness (confusion, deception, manipulation, fear and force) that create and take advantage of confusions by using them to deceive and manipulate others with fear and force for the dragons' gain.

Dragon ways create short term solutions that result in long term problems. This is because triggered, unconscious, reactive memories get triggered to inappropriately repeat past decisions in our present - which creates most human problems. Spirit solutions have the short term problem of learning how to become more conscious enough to follow the path of the Ways that create long term soul-utions. "You can't go 'north' when you're going 'south'"