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USA Parliament and All Party System Co. Communications & Sign Up

Instructions for Joining (and Leaving) Communication Lists;
Facebook, Email, Telephone, WordPress Forum, Person to Person and/or U.S. Mail

There are several other ways too, that participants in entities
affiliated with the USA Parliament are in communication:

You Must Specically Agree in Advance to be Added to Any Communication Lists Before You Are Added

If your questions aren't answered here be sure to contact us and let
us know so we how we can both better answer your questions and update
this web page with improved instructions.

If you are on one of our communications lists after being signed up
before 7/4/2014 then please contact us and we will customize the
sign up list to your specifications.


This seems to be by far the most active and instantaneous method
for communication.

There are eighteen facebook pages (and growing) that have been
begun by USA Parliament and APS Co. members and most of then
are linked to the "Forums" tab in the left navigation bar
on the USA Parliament's site.

Facebook Chat Lists

There are four main Facebook Chat lists;
The New USA Parliament Facebook Chat List
The New International Parliament Facebook Chat List
The New All Party System Co. Facebook Chat List
The New International Bureau Facebook Chat List

We ask that new members understand that some people are having
difficulty when they use Facebook on their telephone. We ask
that new members thoroughly understand the ramifications of signing
up to the Facebook Chat for this reason and that new members
must be briefed on the difficulties of leaving a Facebook Chat
before they are added to the chat.

To sign up for a Facebook Chat you must please contact one of the
company's board members or one of the parliament's active members
and they will try to get you added to a conversation which may
be of interest to you, either in the USA Parliament, the International
Parliament or the All Party System Co.


Our oldest method of communication and we have several email lists.
Each list has all the email addresses shown in the header for
everyone to see.

Contact secretary at allpartysystem dot org for subscribing.

Most Popular Email Lists:
Monthly Update
Weekly Update
Tech Team

There is an anonymous email exploder for those who like
the email messages but also desire confidentiality.
Send the message "subscribe" or "unsubscribe" to be
on or off that anonymous email exploder.

Potential Problems with Email

We understand that having all the email
addresses in the header can be a problem for people using
a telephone for email. We haven't resolved this problem
yet but we plan to as soon as there is a demand.


Many of our best team players use only telephone. We love
teaching and talking on the phone about our team.

There isn't much activity happening with the "Telephone Tree"
so we can use volunteers who'd like to help develop this
particular medium better.

WordPress Forum

One of our newest places for communicating is the WordPress
forum that we use for "Day to Day Updates".

Person to Person

Many of our members are in communication in a person-to-person
relationship. This is by far our biggest and most reliable
for of communication but since we're scattered all over the
country and the world there are any meeting or meetups scheduled
at the time of this writing.

U.S. Mail

The mailings are costly, and thanks to the internet, we're
able to avoid the costs of using U.S. Mail.
However, some laws for corporations require us to
use U.S. Mail and mailing addresses are required
from all participants in the parliament's company.