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USA Parliament and All Party System Co. Business Overview

Business Overview

Overview for the Political and Business Unity of UPS, APS Store, and APS Org
By James Ogle [Free Parliamentary] and Jennifer Woodward [Gandhian Green]

The USP+APS Overview
For more information about us, please also see "Welcome"

We feel that the "juice" is the unity we create with each other; from experiencing unity of our commonly held beliefs through the constructive action of nominating names and decisions to a balloting process. Ranking the multiple names and decisions and electing all of them under the USA Parliament's (USP) Sainte-Lague parliament seat distribution system, ranked choice voting, Hagnebach-Bischoff method in multi-winner districts of two or more only, is the perfect way of voting on which we can all agree with, because that allows exact pure proportional representation (PR) which we can all support.

The All Party System Co. (ASP) is like a small store to raise money for the political parliament.

Everyone wants the juice, which is a mathematical agreement of the voting results. The USP (www.usparliament.org) and the APS (www.allpartysystem.com) exist, as both web sites and offices, to facilitate the creation of "more of the unity-agreeing juices" that make politics more liveable for our communities as well as our larger municipal, regional, state and federal populations and their respective official legislative bodies.

We, the members and supporters of the USP and APS, are the greater potential of any winner-take-all official political party, creating "more unity juice" and less divisiveness, as long as we're the only known USA Parliament system electing a team of activists in-our-name committed to voting for and creating pure proportional representation (PR) in governmental bodies.

The unofficial USParliament has no legal authority at this time. There might be others when the calibrations are used correctly under 100, 1000 and 10,000-member seat districts, but meanwhile our on-line organization and intra- and inter-party communications may better facilitate the finding of "larger fields of common ground" on issues and about 'better' candidates for political office, thus also creating more of the "cooperation" and "collaboration" in our US political system which has been sorely lacking for so many recent decades!

The political entities within the APS and USP (i.e. official and unofficial local, state, provincial and national parties) provide the "juice" we want to promote in the forms of more positive, less frustrating social side-effects of the votes cast by their members.

Our vote totals are from those votes which are counted under the pure proportional-representation (PR) voting system. The unifying information from the voting discussion activities and the voting results will always come from Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) in multi-winner districts.

Polarization in politics is caused by plurality voting (i.e. not RCV) and that results in a left vs right, black vs white, US vs THEM or "my way or no way" psychology.

Any signs of greater unity as well as some disagreements and disunity, are reported on-line for study by our members and supporters in all the parties as well as by available experts. That group of analysts and advisors come up with the ways and means to soften the hard-liners among us, develop more mutually agreeable voluntary cooperation and collaboration, and find the ways to more common ground with the most disagreeable among them - without brain-washing, deceit or deception!

These advisers, and the rest of us in the USP and APS, do so more easily and effectively given the availability of this information not only for review and discussion on-line, but also for downloading from our web site, mostly with "unity building" and "how we've been less functional" information - that is not hyperbole - which anyone world-wide can download, re-print and/or re-distribute - eventually in their native languages - doing so as the down-loaders and the volunteer site content printers see fit. These actions build "a movement" that should be predominately a positive influence on national and international politics as they exist today and may remain for the foreseeable next decade or more.

The Store: These APS, USP people, this core group and our core decision making and work processes, as well as the other people we eventually affect nation-wide and world-wide by them, are also our All Party System Co. Store's business life-giving blood, our reason-for-being, our motivators, our sources of additional motivations; and they also are our potential financial supporters in the short and long term. Thus initially (in 2014 and 2015) our APS Co. Store probably will be our most public face that primarily solicits both customer and donor support. Secondarily, at first, The Store will also get the "Unity words and concepts" out to the general public, if in minimal ways. The monies acquired in years one and two, via "The Store", in turn will help setup and maintain 1+ stores that may exist in a few more years time, help maintain and build-out further the organization and the state and national - and any new unofficial international - parliamentary operations here and in other countries. All of which participants will agree to pursue proportional representation in these official or unofficial parliaments associated with the APS Organization and all of which will use Ranked Choice Voting in multi-winner districts, even if "just-for-show" and the publicity at first.

In a more abstract if not also unity-cause-promoting propagandistic sense then, the business entity, the APS Co. Store, is the medium for distribution of APS- and USP-branded goods and services across political parties, across individual states and the nation, which efforts will also provide unity-building information in advertising slogans or footnotes. These slogans in turn promote what advertisers and brand-developer consultants call the increased "mind-share" about "APS" and "USP" in more individuals at least of the existence and our simplest mission statements for the APS and the USP. Many of these "message recipients" will be voters, and in such messages they will receive their first information about the "Unity and Collaborative Team Building Concept" for political parties and political actions taken by them. Hopefully this will become at least "lite food" for thought of how our political systems can become better. But also in-time, almost but not at all like evangelists and evangelism, follow-up ads and announcements, Press Releases, and web site news will increase the "intensity" of that "mind share" and increase the attractiveness of the individual-initiated political thoughts of individuals who are "chewing on" the "possibilities for changes in the ways we 'do' our national politics" information we provide!

The APS Co. Store will also provide such information in well-produced but inexpensive informational videos we will have for-sale as CDs, DVDs, Blue-Ray discs or streamed to the viewer / listener at low or no-cost from our web site's web pages. Similarly The Store and the APS Organization sites can provide our occasional, but not relentlessly, "unity slanted" news stories on-line and as download-able web pages (PDF file formatted) for printing and distribution in-print by those in and outside the APS and USP who are so-inclined. Any "unity slanting" in news stories or in addition to them will be clearly labeled as Editorial and Op-Ed Opinions!

Money makers, money making opportunities, for the APS Co. Store include the following:

--Advertising design and item-production (in-house and outsourced) for political parties (official and unofficial parties in any particular locality, county, region, state, province, or nation especially if the client and their ad can emphasize increasing unity).
--Advertising for APS products and services to these official and unofficial political parties as well as to the unaffiliated or disinterested general public (optionally with or without reminders about increasing unity).
--The on-line and in-store(s) sales of both political items with or without "unity reminders" and non-political consumer products and commodities with or without such reminders such as:
--Foods: coffees, teas, condiments, jellies, jams,
--Party goods and favors such as: BBQ and party supplies
--Art such as: original pottery, especially novel factory-made pottery,
--Collector items such as: collectable coins and stamps,
--Clothing such as: t-shirts, sweat-shirts & pants w ith and without cute or serious political party slogan and/or "unity" promotion slogans,
--Jewels such as: jewel stones and jewelry set in rings broaches, necklaces, etc.,
--Computer hardware and software,
--And at some time providing higher speed internet infrastructure/access,
--Low Cost High Value Social Services such as: providing "more consistently" good social relationships in more amiable settings, hopefully like a better kind of Internet Cafe' and/or social or political club possibly with invited speakers and trained counselors available on-site or on-call who can at least explain the divisive language use and concept mis-framing that has befuddled and polarized so many for over three decades in the USA.
--News reporting services such as the APS NEWSWIRE and press releases.
* * *

We will probably start-up the first Store in Monterey, CA, a high-traffic tourist town on the south side of the world famous Monterey Bay, starting with sales of the coffees commodity, some collectable coins and stamps, and the provision of local area recycling services.

In the near and distant future, there is also the potential to provide the local, regional and larger regions with the recycling of equipment, vehicles, bicycles, as well as the usual bottles and cans all of which activities certain APS Store managers can manage, supervise and recruit additional workers to perform at the "line" (or ground) level. Initially the workers will be volunteers, and later the volunteers will be the paid employees, of the APS Co.

The synchronization of the wide-variety of activities of the APS- and USP-involved political parties, their supporters and volunteers, and the unity (of purpose) coalitions formed by APS- and/or USP-led activities locally or state-wide, district-wide at-large government elections that form from these activities, are critical as are their individual and group competencies and commitment to pursue the common goals and to stick with the schedules set.

The self-standing, not legal binding and unofficial US Parliament and all subsidiary political and business elections will take as described further above and as required by changing circumstance within the All Party System. This kind of coordination and synchronization with "real-world-politics" starting in the USA, is KEY to developing the greater national, multi-national if not also hemispheric political and social "unity" we seek by our operations and spreading of our core "unity" values.

For example: There is only one political July 4th national holiday for the USA per year. On July 5th we in the APS and USP set aside at least one day for these organizations' and the APS company's annual board meetings, usually in-person in one physical venue. Yet we can also convene at times via telephone and on-line, as needed.

Similarly in the USPaliament there is only the one yearly August 6th deadline for the nomination of parliament officer candidates and for completed applications for being elected in the annual election cycles which are to be submitted to the USP Organization by US Mail, fax or email. This deadline allows for the election by Ranked Choice Voting of new members of the USParliament Organization in the political realm. Therefore any new people are in-place every second year in the US with three months to prepare for the first Tuesday in November off-year or General Elections.

Finally there is only one New Year's Eve/News Year's Day. The examples above point out the regular six-month peaks and dips of the annual, most widely observed national, international holiday cycles and important days for public voting, all with which our All Party System member party, allies supporters and all of their activities must agree to be synchronized.

These are the holidays and political voting time-out days or weekends or weeks denote the various start, end times and deadlines for closely-related actions and activities. Most notably these actions will happen around, before or just after the most commonly observed holidays and political moments in our social lives. Therefore we hope APS actions and USP votes will become more easily remembered and talked about, not only by those involved but also by those not checking our web sites frequently! In these ways "the unity messages" and techniques for creating it which we have to offer spread far and wide.

Currently US political parties that favor "our party-loyal winners take ALL the authority" of controlling a public office or public policy, such as Green, Libertarian, Democratic and Republican are actually our opposition, although individuals from those parties as well as independents who synchronize with our political and business entities are friends based on their actual ranked ballots (and eballots) cast a proof in a transparent manner.

Some unofficial political entities are 100% sustained within our APS and UPS structure, see map, essentially at this point in our social and political evolution the only "place" where they can exist, feel somewhat empowered, be respected and heard by others, and thus thrive to some extent.

They are the Environmentalist Party, the Pot Party, the Free Marijuana Party, the Boston Tea Party, the Roseannearchist Party, the Green Tea Party, the Free Parliamentary Party, the Coffee Party, the (surf and skate) Boarder Party, plus independents and innovative, unknown/previously unheard of political categories and splinter groups. Using our Worldwide virtual board room service on-line, Proportional Representation in parliaments of any size and Ranked Choice Voting, they figuratively all get a seat at the discussion table and literally can discuss their like-mind brothers and sisters as well as with similarly-minded and remotely similar, yet currently polarized, other party members! All of which can be recorded in public or private records for study by the members and political scientists who take an interest.

In addition we have unlimited on-line potential for holding Cabinet Member elections and for video-conferencing, 45+ US Presidential candidate Debaters and political issues debating teams.

There are also international considerations; the 219 worldwide countries and businesses are to be seriously considered as fertile growth areas.

The twenty-five member APS Co., which is like a news bureau and the news is the political unity, is the main business player. That business entity is to launch the twenty-five member International Bureau, twelve USA Sub-station Bureaus and the same to be extended for foreign country virtual parliaments that would function outside but parallel to their respective existing official government parliamentary systems.

Delegation of election responsibilities to the USA political super-states and business sub-stations, to the voting organizations and campaigns which replicate and perpetuate those tasks in population-balanced regions on every even-year, four-year cycles and the subsidiary state elections which fall every two years between national US Constitution election cycles are predictable and stable priorities.

Timing the odd-year activities with the same New Year Day's starting point, July 4th and 5th peak and August 6th completion dates, round out the year-to-year cycles in all political and business entities.
* * *