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Become a Sponsor for the new International Parliament Store!

YES! Please sign me up as a sponsor of the new International Parliament Store.
The International Store is located within the the All Party System Co. office in Pacific Grove, California, USA.

By signing up, you agree to comply with all international laws including your country's
laws and within the country in which you reside as citizen, you agree to sign the required
APS Co. declaration of principles and you agree to send the donation of $250. (six mos.)
or $500. (one year) via payment methods which are linked below:

Use Western Union:

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Please Make Payable Attention and send Western Union Confirmation Code to:
James O. Ogle, All Party System Co.
1213 C Forest Avenue
Pacific Grove, California, USA 93950
Email: vicepresident (at) allpartysystem (dot) org

Phone #: (831) 747-5863
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Or, Use PayPal:

Or, Use Postal Service:

All Party System Co.
(Make check payable to All Party System Co.)
1213-C Forest Avenue
Pacific Grove, CA 93950
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Important Note: To fully qualify as a participant must register your name and two methods of contact information with the "Detailed Signup Form" which follows this sign up form once the "Send Now" button is clicked.

To register as a participant in additional roles such as Member of International Parliament (MIP), MP (Republic of Earth, Member of Parliament), political candidate, Presidential Elector, campaign organizer (or other?), please add comment(s) on detailed sign up form.

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By clicking the "Send Now" button, you agree to the terms of services for the All Party System Co., the International Store to which your membership becomes effective upon receipt of donation.

These terms are subject to change pending approval of All Party System Co.

The All Party System Co. and the International Parliament Store reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.


Additional Notes:

We don't want to hold you back if/when you want to do more so please be sure to continue to contact us if/when you ever want to do more volunteer work as a registered member.

If your name doesn't appear in the correct location within 24 hours or if there are ever any additional requests or corrections be sure to contact us so that we can resolve quickly.